Best Baby Bath Mats

Babies grow up so fast that parents get surprised, and in no distant time, a little infant is ready to move to bathe in a big tub. This could cause a worry or two for parents as regards their safety, and how can parents prevent their little babies from slipping during bath time. Mother and babies usually bond during bathing time, but bathing kids can also be a time for parents to be worried about their baby’s safety. The combination of kids, soap, and water could end up being a disaster and not fun for babies, and using the best baby bath mats is an effective way of ensuring your baby’s safety during bath time. Every parent’s priority is keeping their baby away from harm and danger, and bath mats are considered as another helping hand to keep babies safe in a bathtub.

Most parents are not worried about the danger that lurks around the corner when their baby steps into a bathtub, and if you have ever wrestled or struggled with some factors to ensure your baby doesn’t slip and fall in a bathtub, then you need a baby bath mat. Ensuring baby’s safety by providing a grippy surface where babies can stand on to prevent them from slipping is what the best baby bath mats promise users. The best baby bath mats are well-textured, made with high-quality fabrics, soft, and have fun designs that make them attractive.

Using the right accessory means your baby will be safe when bathing in a bathtub, and the baby bath mat is one of such accessory that guarantees a baby’s safety. With a reliable baby bath mat, squirmy babies will no longer slip or slide into the bath tub, but there are so many bath mat types of babies on the market for every parent to choose from. Trust me when i say you will get confused and find it hard to identify that which is perfect for your child.

Best Baby Bath Mats – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby bath mats

The best baby bath mat offers the tub a strong and firm grip, making sure that every child stays safe and steady when their moms bathe them. However, there are other safety tips you have to take into consideration when shopping for a bath baby mat, so take a look at all of these safety tips listed below;

Bathtub Baby Safety Tips


One thing every mom must avoid is leaving or not attending to their child. Ignoring doorbells till you are done or waiting to answer all of your questions is very necessary when bathing your child in a bathtub, and if it happens that you must leave the room, ensure you carry your baby along with you.


The truth about a baby’s skin is it is very delicate, and their skin might get burnt when bathing even if the water isn’t too hot for their skin. This tells you how delicate and soft a baby’s skin is, therefore all bathing waters for babies should maintain a 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Baby Proofing

This involves removing any item that is capable of causing babies harm, and it could also be sectioning off an area of the house where you do not want your baby to visit. When bathing babies, it is very essential that you get rid of any item that could be lying around or inside a bathtub, as babies have the curious nature to want to touch and see everything.

Soaps And Shampoos

It would be helpful for moms to know that all soaps and shampoos are not ideal for their baby’s skin, and this is why any soap or shampoo a parent goes for will not cause irritation on sensitive skins. There are perfumes that are capable of causing urinary tract infections in babies, and such product should be avoided.


Ensuring that your bathtub is clean always is another bathtub safety tip when bathing your child, so all bath mats, thermometers, and toys should be rinsed properly after use.

Make Bath Time Fun For Kids

As we mentioned earlier, bathing a baby improves the bond or fuels the bond between mother and child. For this reason, it is vital that bathing time is fun for mother and child. There should be games and toys around that will make bathing babies more fun for them and their moms.

Best Baby Bath Mats Review

1. Hermosa Collection Extra Long & Square Mats

The Hermosa Collection Extra Long Square Mats is one designed to cover every angle, and having a non-slip, antibacterial, and wide design makes it perfect for babies and keeping them safe. Using this baby bath mat also makes life easier for moms as they will find it very easy to clean, and this mat right here doesn’t contain phthalate or latex, making it a skin-friendly baby bath mat. Finally, this baby bath mat comes with powerful suction cups that prevents them from slipping or sliding from one end to another, while providing babies with ample cushioning is another benefit of this baby bath mat.


  • It has a great color
  • It is effective in keeping babies safe
  • It works well and feels comfortable


  • It comes with a bad smell

2. Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat

The Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat has a design that brings out the best in moms that desire to perform their duties to the fullest. What interests users about this mat is the homely feeling it provides, while its design makes it perfect for every bathtub. This baby bath mat is a bit different from so many other baby bath mats on the market, and this is due to the fact that it doesn’t come with cartoon designs. This is why most moms love it because of its simple and plain look, and the amount of safety and protection it delivers makes it a must-have for every home. It boasts of a strong suction feet that ensures it stays in place.


  • This baby bath mat feels soft
  • It offers comfort and stability
  • It holes allows better airflow to avoid mold growth


  • There are claims that this mat doesn’t stay in place

3. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

The Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat boasts of a colorful design that makes it easy for mothers to teach their little babies about colors, and this is what we mean when we mentioned earlier that every bath time should be fun for mother and child. Having a colorful and funky design helps in making babies focus or concentrate more on bathing rather than playing, and mothers can also engage their babies by naming each color present on the mat while bathing them. It has a generous length that makes it suitable to bathe more than one child at a time, and it features raised dots that prevents this mat from sliding around.

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  • Toddler are impressed with its dotted design
  • It adds color and fun to the bathroom
  • It gets the job done


  • It traps water which could lead to the growth of mold

4. Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat

The next product we want to recommend for moms as we edge closer to the end of this guide is the Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat, and this is a baby bath mat designed with an AU natural approach. Made out of premium rubber material, this baby mat is completely safe from synthetic materials, while having a hard wearing design makes it another favorite for moms. Its easy to clean design is another reason moms love to own it, and moms should have it in mind that this mat needs to be hanged to dry to avoid the growth of mold. It also features strategic hook holes for hanging.


  • It is easy to clean after use
  • It is easy to dry after use
  • Babies love its crocodile design


  • It is a little bit too small

5. BEEHOMEE Bath Mats for Tub Kids

We have gotten to the final product of this review, and what you are staring at is a baby bath math with a non-slip design that prevents babies from falling when bathing. It makes babies feel excited and safe each time they set out to have their bath, and having an incredible suction cup makes it have a strong hold. Parents should have it in mind that this baby bath mat is perfect for use on smooth surfaces alone, and having a cartoon aquatic print on this bath mat makes it every child’s favorite.


  • It is longer than most bath mats
  • It has a nice looking design
  • It promotes safety when bathing your little one


  • It has a strong factory smell

Final Note

This is where we wrap up this interesting and detailed guide on the best baby bath mats. If you have gotten to this section of this entertaining review, then you have met the top products we have suggested for you. All of the baby bath mats we have talked about in this guide are easy to clean, comfortable, safe, and have an ideal bathtub length. When you go out shopping for a baby bath mat, do not focus on cute designs, because that is the purpose baby toys serve, and you should have it in mind that functionality and safety of your child is your priority.

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