Top 5 Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic

It is the wish of every parent that their little prince or princess is as comfortable as possible. But, unfortunately, babies still have to struggle with several tummy problems ranging from colic, gas, and reflux. These conditions are capable of causing a fuzzy feeling and long hours of crying in babies.

In addition, some babies are gassy right from the moment they start taking food or liquid into their stomachs, which causes babies to cry and squirm uncontrollably. Such moments can be draining because they prevent parents from getting enough sleep after a stressful day.

If you find yourself in this position, you have nothing to worry about any longer, as this guide will introduce you to the best baby bottles for gas and colic.

We at understand how the situation feels, and you can count on this guide to help. For example, when feeding your little one, using a good baby bottle helps deal with reflux, gas, colic, and wind in your baby’s tummy, and parents can trust anti-colic and anti-gas bottles to ensure your baby’s baby stomach isn’t filled with air bubbles.

In addition, minimizing how air bubbles enter your baby’s tummy helps prevent spitting up and other unpleasant conditions. Furthermore, when you take your baby to a pediatrician to discuss your baby’s condition is currently suffering, the pediatrician will suggest changing the bottle used for feeding.

Nothing breaks a parent’s heart more than seeing their baby go through so much discomfort, and watching your baby cry uncomfortably could leave a parent’s heart shattered. However, there is a solution around the corner if colic and gas are the reasons why your baby feels so much discomfort and cries uncontrollably.

Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic

Hence, every parent can do something to ensure their baby doesn’t endure so much pain, especially at night. However, if you feed your baby using a bottle, products claiming to offer some help. Anti-colic and anti-gas bottles are genuine, and we encourage you to continue reading this guide to have a clearer idea of how these bottles work.

Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic

What Is Colic?

When a healthy baby cries for more than three hours, for more than three days a week, and it lasts for about three weeks, the situation is referred to as colic, and a baby experiences colic during the first three to six weeks after birth.

However, colic is a temporal condition in babies, hoping it improves with time. A recent survey revealed that about twenty percent of babies born in the United States Of America experience this unpleasant condition, so take solace in this information and know you are not alone in this struggle.

Parents suddenly notice that their baby is struggling with the condition, and there is no known cause for this condition.

Recent examinations have revealed that colic can be triggered by certain conditions like;

  • Gas
  • Acid reflux
  • Hunger
  • When a baby reacts to a particular type of formula
  • When breast milk contains cow milk proteins
  • When a baby has an underdeveloped nervous system
  • Overfeeding
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Best Baby Bottle For Gas And Colic Review

1. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Baby Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Options+ baby bottle is one that pediatricians highly recommend for babies struggling with colic and gas. It is because it comes with an anti-colic vent with a clinical backing in effectively preventing air.

Blocking air from going into this bottle cuts down on gas, burping, and spit-ups, and what makes this the envy of so many bottles on the market is its ability to preserve nutrients in formula and breast milk. It also enhances better digestion in babies, causing them to sleep longer and better.

We also love this bottle’s nipple design that promotes consistent flow while your baby feeds. In addition, it is a BPA-safe and sterilizer-safe baby bottle.


  • It comes with easy to understand instructions
  • They effectively reduce gas
  • They are high-quality bottles that hold a good amount of baby formula


  • It leaks constantly

2. MAM Grow with Baby Set, Baby Gift Set

Up next that we want to recommend for parents is the MAM Grow With Baby Set, and what makes this set unique is it comes with everything your baby needs during the early stages of his life. It comes with anti-colic bottles and pacifiers, and having a vented base design effectively prevents babies from suffering colic while using this bottle.

How does this bottle prevent colic in babies? It does this by getting rid of air bubbles that cause colic, gas, and reflux conditions in babies. Parents were pleased with this baby set as they found its bottle very easy to clean, and finally, it comes with soft nipples that support teeth and jaw development in babies.


  • It is a lifesaver for many moms.
  • It gets rid of fussiness or nipple confusion in babies
  • It is superb for working moms as it tries to keep milk warm


  • It comes with too many parts to clean

3. Dr. Brown’s Options Narrow Baby Bottle Gift Set

It is another interesting baby set like the baby set we just finished talking about. Interestingly, this baby set comes with every item your baby needs, like anti-colic bottles, butterfly pacifiers, storage caps, cleaning brush, and level 1 nipples.

Babies experience feeding problems like burping, gas, colic, and reflux, and this bottle’s design helps in dealing with all of these problems effectively. Preserving bottle nutrients is another benefit for moms using this bottle to bottle-feed their babies, ensuring that Vitamins E, A, and C are preserved for your baby’s health and nutrition.

In addition, this bottle boasts a vacuum-free design that aids digestion in babies, and there is a controlled feeding flow that enables babies to feed at their own pace.


  • These are high-quality bottle with teats that look like a woman’s nipple
  • They are very affordable
  • It helps babies struggling with colic


  • Its lid doesn’t cover properly and causes the spillage
  • It has slight leaking issues

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Feeding Bottles

The Tommee Tippee brand is a respectable one in making high-quality baby bottles over the years. What you will get from this baby bottle set are well and brightly colored bottles that babies will find attractive. In addition, its bottle nipples have a similar shape to that of moms, making it easy for babies to latch on these bottles for feeding, while its slow flow nipples flex like moms to make comfortable feeding for babies.

In addition, babies will enjoy less discomfort and less intake of air when feeding with this bottle thanks to its unique anti-colic venting valve, while its accurate marking and easy to hold designs are other eye-catching features of this bottle.

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  • This bottle helps in solving nipple confusion problems in babies
  • It works great
  • Cleaning these bottles are very easy
  • It deals with colic and gas issues in babies


  • Its markings rub off easily

5. Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle with AirFree vent

We are closing the curtains on this guide with the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, and this right here comes with a nipple designed to stay filled with milk and not air. Parents can count on this bottle to help babies take in less ai but more milk, and cleaning up this bottle after use is easy as all of its parts are easy to clean. In addition, its nipple valve helps in fighting against vacuum build-up, while its air-free vent is simple to use.


  • It is a quality and nice baby set.
  • Its anti-colic design calms colic issues in babies
  • Sanitizing and cleaning these bottles are very easy


  • Its nipples feel very hard for babies to latch on

How Anti-Colic Bottles Function

A common way gas gets into your baby’s tummy is through taking in air, and the time they take in the air is when feeding. In addition, babies that suffer from colic also take in air after crying for long hours, and this ends up causing a vicious cycle.

Bottles are bearing the anti-colic label, and if you come across such bottles, they have designs that prevent babies from taking in air when feeding. These bottles also claim to reduce the way babies take in food and the amount of gas that goes into a baby’s tummy while feeding.

Some parents do not believe in anti-colic bottles, which is based on the fact that they do not clearly understand how anti-colic bottles work. The way anti-colic bottles work in preventing air from going into your baby’s tummy while feeding is listed below;

  • These bottles have well-designed nipples that eliminate any possibility of air going in through the tip.
  • The anti-colic bottles also boast flow nipple options that control the flow rate while feeding.
  • They come with optional vent systems that prevent air from getting into your baby’s milk, and this results in the reduction of air bubbles in your baby’s milk.
  • Most anti-colic bottles have an angled shape which encourages babies to stay in an upright position while feeding.
  • Finally, an anti-colic bottle comes with a valve system that prevents bottles from turning into an air vacuum.

Who Needs An Anti-Colic Bottle?

The truth is any baby can make use of an anti-colic bottle, but it becomes more beneficial to babies that suffer upset after feeding or babies with a lot of gas in their tummy. However, there is no harm in using an anti-colic bottle, especially for babies who do not suffer gassy or colic conditions.

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