The Best Baby Bottles For Reflux

One of the most difficult and frustrating periods you have to deal with as a mommy is watching your little one suffer from acid reflux. It becomes even more difficult when you do not know the right steps to help your baby deal with the discomfort and pain. Changing your baby’s bottle from a regular bottle to an anti-reflux one is very important.

It has proved to be of help in times like this, and identifying such bottles has been made easy due to the special design for dealing with acid reflux. The best baby bottles for acid reflux will deliver excellent results when feeding your baby compared to other bottles for feeding.

To enjoy the benefits an acid reflux bottle brings, you will have to choose wisely. Few factors contribute to your baby suffering from acid reflux, and they include;

  • If a baby stays flat for a very long while
  • Giving your baby an almost liquid formula
  • Premature babies

If a baby is below six months, he is likely to suffer from acid reflux. Still, it is abnormal for whatever your baby consumes to have so much acid that it can irritate the throat. Hence, most times, acid reflux in kids isn’t always a serious condition.

After your baby grows more than six months, his stomach ring becomes more developed, causing contents from his stomach to stop leaking. However, you should be anxious if your baby still suffers acid reflux after growing more than six months.

The situation becomes worrisome if your baby spits up yellow or greenish fluids, experiences difficulty breathing, loses weight, and continues spitting up after six months.

Best Baby Bottles For Reflux – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby bottles for reflux

No parent would love to see their child in pain, and if a child experiences acid reflux, he will be in constant pain. In addition, they tend to cry and spit up more because of the acid contents backing up from their tiny stomachs into the esophagus.

All of this is accompanied by digestion and gas issues, making the situation a little more complicated. Still, when acid reflux isn’t affecting weight gain or posing any other serious threat to your baby’s health, prevention is what you should consider doing as a parent.

One of the best methods you could adopt in preventing acid reflux is using the right bottle. The bottles designed for acid reflux ensure no air bubbles and feed a slow flow for every baby. These features help manage an acid reflux situation, which tells you what using the right bottle can do if you are struggling with acid reflux.

There are bottles designed bearing acid reflux in mind, while others are designed to have in-built air vent systems. These designs ensure the elimination of air bubbles either when drinking or in the milk itself.

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If a baby can drink milk without experiencing air bubble interruption, spitting up becomes unlikely, they feel less fussy, and feeding times become comfortable and enjoyable.

When To See A Doctor

You should consider your baby’s comfort when they are not experiencing colic or eating well and gaining weight. There are times you should visit the hospital for your baby to get evaluated, and some signs that might cause you to visit the doctor are;

  • If your baby gets irritated after eating
  • Your baby suffers from low weight gain.
  • Your baby experiences difficulty in breathing
  • Constant refusal to eat
  • Spitting up that starts after six months of age
  • Presence of blood in the stool

Best Baby Bottles For Reflux Review

1. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

This is a rated number baby bottle by nurses and doctors as it features an internal vent system that’s effective in preventing your baby from taking in air bubbles when feeding. In addition, this internal vent design effectively eliminates spit-up, burping, gassing, and the build-up of fluid in your baby’s ear.

Furthermore, Dr. Brown’s baby bottle will preserve essential vitamins and lipids, which are pivotal nutrients to every child’s growth and development. In addition, its internal air vent system ensures that the milk bubble oxidation level is minimal, so there would not be any loss in nutrients.

It also boasts a silicone nipple that makes it easy to switch from a bottle to a breast and vice versa when feeding. As a result, your baby will enjoy the slow flow of milk, allowing them to take in food at their own pace.


  • It is a shatter-proof bottle.
  • Its wide neck and soft nipple make it the perfect combination.
  • Its design makes it compatible with medela pump.


  • Measuring formula and milk levels is difficult.
  • Its excess parts make cleaning difficult.

2. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Rated as one of the baby bottles with a cute look, the Comotomo baby bottle is another bottle parents can trust to help deal with acid reflux in their little ones. This bottle’s design helps fight ear infection, acid reflux, colic, spit-ups, and many other discomforts in babies, and it can accomplish all these thanks to its anti-colic dual vents.

It boasts a naturally shaped and wide-mouthed nipple, making it easy for babies to transition from breasts to this bottle, while the extensive design makes cleaning it up after use very easy. When feeding, your baby will be pleased with how soft its skin-like silicone materials feel.


  • It has heat-resistant features, and it is easy to clean.
  • This bottle is perfect for newborns, thanks to its slow-flow feeding design.
  • Its design makes it possible for little ones to grab it.


  • It has camouflaged markings that make measuring liquid difficult.
  • For a baby to drink milk, you must hold this bottle in a vertical position.

3. Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles

The next bottle to find its way to this interesting review is the Playtex Baby VentAire bottle which channels air from the back of the bottle and not through your baby’s milk. Its ergonomic and well-angled design helps fight against acid reflux, meaning your baby will experience fewer spit-up symptoms and will not feel fussy.

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Interestingly, this baby bottle offers up to three nipples for feeding, and what we find amazing about these three nipples is they offer various flows for feeding. In addition, it comes with a Y-cut nipple, especially for feeding cereal and thick formulas, while its breast-like nipple encourages medium, slow, and fast feeding action. Lastly, it comes with a petite nipple designed especially for feeding newborns.


  • This bottle has an angled design that battles reflux and colic.
  • Its different nipple types help with feeding in babies.
  • It has just four parts to clean.


  • There will be leakage if the bottle isn’t tightly held.

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Feeding Bottles

This award-winning baby bottle on amazon is designed to feel just like mom while offering comfort during feeding. In addition, there will be a decrease in excessive airflow thanks to its anti-colic valve, ensuring that your baby consumes less air and more milk.

This later results in a peaceful night’s sleep for parents and the baby, and another exciting feature about the tommee tippee bottle is its various flow rates for feeding. This means your baby will enjoy his food at his own pace and not yours, and mothers love this bottle as it gives no stress during feeding.

It also has an apparent measurement which is one feature that is found lacking in most bottles today.


  • Gripping this bottle is easy, thanks to its compact and soft design.
  • It has about four pieces to clean.
  • It doesn’t malfunction or leak.


  • It comes with a single nipple.
  • Its measurement numbers rub off easily.

5. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle

What we love about this baby bottle is its nipple that feels exactly like moms, and it boasts having a patented base design that helps in regulating airflow, while its air valve ensures that the nipple releases air.

There will be an even flow of milk and not air when your baby feeds with this bottle, and if your child is very picky, this bottle will be an ideal choice for him. In addition, an anti-slip base makes this bottle very easy to hold for babies while feeding, and recent statistics have shown that babies that suffered from reflux stopped complaining after using this bottle for feeding.


  • Its air vents help in fighting against swallowing and gulping.
  • Its design is similar to that of the breast.
  • Picky babies will enjoy feeding with this baby bottle.


  • There will be leakage if its pieces are not properly screwed.
  • It comes with so many parts to clean.

Final Thoughts

Babies under six months will experience acid reflux, and that’s completely normal. However, they will start enjoying feeding when they get to six months and their stomachs are fully developed.

Until their stomach becomes fully developed, trust the baby bottles we have discussed in this review to make feeding time less worrisome and challenging. These bottles will help your baby get all the required nutrients and have a nice night’s rest.

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