Top 5 Best Baby Bottles For Wind

When bottle-feeding babies, there is a very high possibility that babies might take in a lot of air, filling their stomachs with gas. Every baby might not feel disturbed by this gas, but most babies end up being sensitive.

This means parents have to shop for the best baby bottles for the wind to cut down on air intake when feeding their baby. Based on lactation experts’ findings and observations, the presence of too much wind in a baby’s stomach leads to gas in the baby’s stomach, which is rated among the top causes of colic conditions in babies.

Parents who have dealt with colic babies can tell you how challenging and frustrating it is. This has prompted several manufacturing companies to design bottles to reduce the air intake amount when babies feed effectively.

If your bottle-fed baby always has gassy or windy issues, this guide on the best baby bottles for wind provides solutions to help deal with the problem. The truth is windy and gassy babies always feel miserable, and their intense crying is a painful sight for any parent to watch.

Many factors are responsible for the air intake your baby faces when feeding, but a commonly suspected culprit is the type of bottle used in feeding your baby. You know you are in for some trouble if your baby is constantly belching, crying in pain, and arching its back. These scenarios always happen when they spit up often, after feeding, or after passing a lot of gas.

Best Baby Bottles For Wind

Before panicking and running around to call your baby’s pediatrician to change your baby’s formula, you need to check the bottle design used in feeding your baby. Baby bottles for feeding do not have a one-size-fits-all, meaning all bottles do not serve the same purpose. The market is flooded with so many baby-feeding bottles on the market, and this is because every bottle serves a particular feeding need.

Best Baby Bottles For Wind – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Bottles For Wind

If your baby suffers from colic symptoms, they will need something to drink to help with the condition, and this drink will help reduce symptoms and make them feel happier. Some babies suffer from acid reflux and gas too, and feeding them with the right bottle will definitely make a difference.

A common thing in acid reflux, gas, and colic is they all require a smooth drinking or feeding experience, but if they end up taking in a high amount of air, their situation will worsen. This is because when babies take in too much air, it tends to wreak a lot of havoc on the baby’s digestive system.

Furthermore, there are bottles designed with specific nipples, and You can change these nipples to monitor the flow of drink a baby consumes. If a baby has digestive issues, the first step is monitoring his feeding flow. If a baby sucks too hard when feeding, he is likely to take in too much air because they are likely to take in many air bubbles when feeding too hard.

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Controlling your baby’s flow while feeding is key in ensuring proper balance. Feeding babies with the right bottle helps cut down on the number of air bubbles that go into their belly, reducing stomach upset in babies.

Best Baby Bottles For Wind Review

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green

The amazing aspect of this bottle is its design that mimics a natural breastfeeding action, and the importance of this action is to prevent nipple confusion and bottle rejection. It comes with an extensive neck design that makes cleaning very easy for mothers.

This baby bottle is considered one hundred percent safe as it is made using one hundred percent safe, hygienic silicone material. If ideal for sterilizers, dishwashers, boiling waters, microwaves, these bottles also boasts of a vented design that prevents the attack of air bubbles when your baby feeds with this bottle. It is suitable for wind, colicky, and gassy babies.


  • These are well designed and safe bottles
  • Massaging the bottle causes milk to flow gently
  • It is safe


  • Its advertising isn’t clear enough
  • It has leak issues

2. Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent

Interestingly, this is an extremely versatile bottle you can trust to help deal with wind issues, acid reflux, gas, and colic issues in babies. This is because this bottle comes with an air-free vented design that prevents babies from taking in the air when feeding.

Its air-free vent has a one-piece design that you can easily clean, and what we also love about this bottle because its flow rate range makes feeding for babies convenient and less stressful. The Philips Avent brand is trustworthy as they have made a reputation for themselves when making high-quality baby products, and that tells you durable and reliable this bottle is.


  • It goes for a reasonable price
  • Its parts are easy to clean
  • They are perfect for beginner babies


  • It doesn’t come with all parts complete

3. POTATO Glass Baby Bottles

Safety should be considered when shopping for a bottle for feeding your baby, and the POTATO glass baby bottles don’t contain BPA or other toxic materials in their construction. This tells you how safe this bottle is, and it boasts of a wide-shaped silicone nipple that encourages healthy feeding, promotes proper latching, and allows babies to switch between bottle feeding and breastfeeding easily.

This bottle has the perfect size for newborns to hold firmly while feeding, and moms will be thankful for its mini compact size, which encourages frequent feeding. Its air vent design discourages air from getting into the bottle and your baby’s tummy, making it a good bottle for wind and gassy babies.


  • This glass warms quickly
  • It has an attractive shape and looks
  • It is effortless to clean
  • It is effective in preventing air bubbles from entering your baby’s milk


  • It has a minimal capacity

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Feeding Bottles

This bottle comes in a colorful set, making them attractive, and babies will find them more attractive, making every feeding time fun. Its nipple has a breast-like shape that gives way for a natural and easy latching, while its nipple flexes for a slow feeding action for a smooth and comfortable feeding experience in babies.

It also features a unique vented valve design that cuts down on air intake. This means babies will be comfortable while feeding and after feeding, and it is completely safe for food as it doesn’t contain BPA or any other toxic material or substance.

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  • This bottle works great
  • They come in fun and bright colors
  • It is easy for moms to clean
  • They are durable


  • No issues for now

5. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle

We are rounding this interesting review with a high-quality bottle from Dr. Brown’s company, and this bottle right here boasts of an innovative nipple design that makes flow consistent when babies feed. It comes with a breast-like shape for easy latching, providing a natural feeding experience that sets this bottle apart from the rest.

Surprisingly, this bottle is known for preserving nutrients in baby formula and breast milk, and it also works well for digestion, causing babies to sleep great at night. Just like other products mentioned in this guide, this bottle is completely safe for feeding babies.


  • Its quality is great
  • Mothers will find them very easy to clean
  • It feels better when held


  • They leak

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What To Look For In A Well Designed Baby Bottle

There are so many baby bottles on the market, but you should be able to identify any of the features discussed below if you want to end up with a wind-reducing baby bottle.

Vented Design

Vented bottles function like a straw system. Feeding the baby with a vented bottle helps prevent air bubbles from getting in, so your baby feeds on just milk alone.

Angled Neck Design

It would help if you did not overlook a bottle with an angled neck design because feeding babies at a perfect angle helps prevent air bubbles from getting into their bottle. Angled neck bottles are straightforward for parents to hold when feeding their baby, and it encourages newborns to sit upright during feeding time.

Works With Disposable Liners

Baby bottles should be able to work with disposable liners because they are effective in eliminating air from your baby’s milk. As your baby sips, the disposable liner is tasked with extracts the air from the milk, and having no air bubbles equals having no gassy or windy issues.

Feeding Position

This might not have so much to do with the bottle, but if you do not hold your baby in the right feeding position, you place the baby at risk of taking in air while feeding. You might feed your baby with one of the best bottles globally, but the bottle won’t make so much difference if the baby isn’t held in a proper and ideal feeding position.

Final Note

Manufacturers of the best baby bottles for feeding might be people with an experience of how miserable a baby can be when there is too much wind in the stomach. The bottles we have introduced you to in this guide would decrease the chances of air getting into your baby’s stomach when feeding, ensuring that every feeding time is happy.

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