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Once a baby starts walking and exploring, it is the duty of their parents to ensure their child remains safe. The best way to ensure this is by installing a baby fence in your house, and baby fences are not just designed for protecting children against fireplaces, and staircases, they also make sure little babies are protected from parents carrying heavy items and older siblings playing around the house. The best baby fences are used in baby-proofing the house, to make sure babies do not move freely to areas of the house where the potential danger lies. Interestingly, a baby fence boasts of a design that works in two ways, and these are;

  • They are designed as enclosures to prevent babies or a younger child from moving to a specific area
  • There are baby fences used in creating barriers between one part of the house and another part of the house

One known fact about baby fences is there are different materials used in making them, and they come in various designs and styles. However, parents should know that all baby fences will not be suitable for use in your house. One question parents always struggle with is if they actually need a baby fence, and if you need a baby fence depends on your child’s age and your type of home. Furthermore, safety issues in your home will also influence your decision in installing a baby fence in your home or not. Baby fence have several advantages, and you can trust a baby fence to;

  • Protect children from potential disasters looming around the house
  • It offers older siblings the freedom to play without running into the little baby exploring round the house
  • It encourages parents to leave their little baby alone, while they do other things like cook, make a phone call, or go to the washroom
  • It encourages mothers to interact with their babies about scenarios where the baby might have been in danger if there was no baby fence installed in the house. With a baby fence installed inside the house, mothers can go about their cooking while their baby plays freely and away from danger.

The truth is every product that has an advantage also has its disadvantage. However, the negatives of installing a baby fence is;

  • Parents might not attend to their little baby for a long period because the baby is safe
  • Little babies might decide to climb over the fence once they get older, and they might end up hurting themselves
  • Children and adults will fall over when trying to climb over a safety fence
  • There are homemade baby fences on the market which is capable of causing accidents and deaths

Best Baby Fences – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Fences

It doesn’t matter whether you have installed door locks, cupboards, covered all outlets and tables, keeping your little baby totally safe is almost impossible. The best way to keep your little one safe is by installing a baby fence in your home, and you can trust a baby fence to allow your children play freely in an enclosed area. Interestingly, baby fences can also be called playpens and play yards, and they are perfect for use while on the move. You do not have to worry if your friends or family haven’t baby-proofed their home yet, what matters is your own child has a safe place where they can play and explore.

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Best Baby Fences Review

1. Toddleroo by North States Superyard

The Toddleroo North States baby fence claims to be an excellent solution for parents that want their babies to play safely and freely at home, and it comes with an ABS fold mat that makes playing extra fun for kids. This baby fence is best suited for use in home with large floors and floor spans to block off, and this product comes with everything you need including mounting connectors, hinges, and wall mounts. It is necessary that this baby fence is mounted into strong materials like metals and wood, and parents love this baby fence because it is expandable and versatile.


  • This baby fence is sturdy
  • It is safe for wiggling
  • It is foldable and durable


  • There are complaints this baby fence has a flimsy build

2. Baby Playpen Portable Kids Safety Play Center

The baby playpen offers plenty of room for babies to nap, play, stand, and crawl, and this baby playpen allows parents to engage in other things like wash, cook, and watch television without keeping an eye out for their child. It has a breathable grid design that enables babies to interact with other people outside the playpen, and mothers love this playpen as it provides babies with a sense of security. Furthermore, this baby gate is easy to clean, and it has a waterproof design that repels milk, urine, and water stains. It comes with a quick release button for easy fixing of connectors.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is completely sturdy
  • It has a five-star suction power


  • Its suction cups is difficult to put on

3. YOOVEE Baby Playpen, Assembly-Free

The YOOVEE baby playpen is made using BPA-free and non-toxic materials, meaning babies can touch this playpen without parents worrying about anything irritating their baby’s sensitive skin. It comes fully assembled, and it also boasts of having a non-slip rubber pad at the bottom that makes tipping this gate over impossible. This playpen is spacious enough to provide babies with enough space to play with, and this playpen also has a very perfect height that makes it impossible for babies to climb over and get themselves injured. Finally, it comes with a safety lock that cannot be locked from the inside.


  • It is easy to put together
  • Its gate provides easy access for babies to pass through
  • It offers lots of space for babies to play in


  • None

4. Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen

The next product we want to recommend for parents in the Fortella Cloud Castle Playpen that has an easy to fold and portable design, making it easy for parents to move about with it when necessary. Trust this playpen to maintain is position and shape, while its anti-slip pads ensure this gate doesn’t tip over. What parents love most about this playpen is the drawing on its body that provides not just fun but educational benefits. It however promotes cognition and motor skills in children. Just like other playpens we have talked about in this guide, this playpen is very spacious, and it stands tall so babies will not be able to climb over it.


  • There is no stress in putting this playpen together
  • It is spacious as it allows about two people to sit inside
  • It is very sturdy


  • There are no complaints about this playpen

5. YOBEST Baby Playpen

This is the final product we want parents to look out for when shopping for a suitable baby fence to be installed in their home, and the YOBEST baby playpen has plenty of room for babies to play around with their toys. It is made using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, meaning babies will feel completely safe when playing inside the playpen. It boasts of non-slip suction cups that prevents this gate from tipping over, while its detailed installation manual makes installing this playpen very easy.

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  • It comes with a very huge space for babies to play freely in
  • It makes babies feel safe
  • It feels very sturdy


  • Slight difficulty in putting the last piece together

How To Find The Best Baby Fence

There are several elements that should be considered when shopping for the best baby fence, so below are the elements that you should consider when shopping for a good baby fence to keep your little baby protected.


Metal, plastic, and wood are the materials used in making most baby fences available on the market, and these is because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and will stand up to pushing and pulling by your baby.


The height of the baby fence you want to go for depends on what developmental stage your baby is in, and most baby gates are about twenty two inches tall. When shopping for a baby fence, ensure that its height is three times of four times that of your baby’s height.

Space Between Slats

For baby fences with slats, the slat shouldn’t be more than 6cm apart. This measurement helps in preventing your baby’s head from passing through the slats.

Ease Of Assembly

Shop for easy to assemble baby fences, but don’t go for something too easy so your baby will not rip it apart with ease


You should take into consideration if you want to move the baby fences somewhere else from time to time, and you will need to install a lightweight and mobile baby fences for convenience if the home you live in isn’t yours.


All babies are not the same. There are babies that will enjoy playing around their fence, while other babies try to escape from their baby fence. Whatever baby fence you decide to go for should be strong and tough to prevent babies from trying to escape.

When is the best time to buy a fence?

As soon as your little one starts crawling or walking, keeping them safe becomes a top priority. Installing a baby fence is an effective way to ensure your child’s safety and prevent accidents, such as falls or getting into hazardous areas. However, many parents may wonder when the best time to buy a baby fence is.

The answer is simple: the best time to buy a baby fence is before your child starts crawling or walking. Ideally, you should start looking for a baby fence when your child is around six months old, as this is the age when babies start to crawl. It’s important to remember that babies develop at their own pace, so even if your child hasn’t started crawling yet, it’s best to prepare ahead of time.

By purchasing a baby fence in advance, you can take your time to research different types of baby fences, compare prices, and choose the best option for your home and budget. This will also give you enough time to properly install the baby fence and make any necessary adjustments before your child becomes more mobile.

Final Note

When shopping for the best baby fence, consider where you will want to install the fence, and also how flexible you want the gate to be. Finally, whatever baby fence you opt to go for should be mounted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and used as directed.

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