Best Baby Gate For Uneven Walls

The best baby gate for uneven walls also guarantees protection like never before, but when shopping for a reliable baby gate, it will be interesting for you to know that there are different gates on the market. Making an informed choice on the type of baby gate you need will help you make the right decision.

Your little prince and princess will move across every room once they start feeling some agility inside them, and their desire to explore the entire house might lead them to dangerous places like the kitchen and the stairs. This is why there are baby gates nowadays strategically placed to ensure your little prince and princess are kept safe when they begin their indoor exploration and adventure.

Baby gates are very versatile household items that will protect not just babies but pets.

Best Baby Gate For Uneven Walls – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby gate for uneven walls

Types Of Baby Gates

Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

The hardware-mounted baby gates are generally the best when it comes to having or installing baby gates in your homes. Their banisters, frames, and doors are screwed right into walls, ensuring they are held securely.

The hardware-mounted baby gates are the best option for stairs. A downside with the hardware baby gates is they might not fit, and that explains why precise and careful measurement is a must. Also, they don’t come with a base bar, meaning there is less possibility of hitting your leg or tripping against a bar while walking. The gate’s landing should be the place left open and not the stairs when fitting a baby gate inside your home.

Pressure Mounted Gates

You can tell from the name of this gate that it uses tension to keep the gates in place. These types of the gate come in various widths and materials, and in some cases, they come with extension kits for larger spaces.

The pressure-mounted baby gates are quite easy to fit in homes, but they come with a base bar, which people often consider a threat to the movement. To avoid any tripping accidents, you should place your pressure-mounted gates away from the steps, level surfaces, and at the bottom of the stairs.

Even though drilling holes might not be entirely necessary, mounting pressure gates tend to leave marks on walls.

Freestanding Gates

The freestanding gates do not need any form of fitting, and moving them around is fairly easy. Therefore, for weirdly shaped areas or wider openings, the freestanding gates are best suited for such spaces.

They come with wider side panels and rubber feet used to keep them in place, but they are not as sturdy as pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted baby gates. In addition, their heavy weight makes it difficult for toddlers to move them around.

Retractable Gates

The retractable gates are similar to the roller blind, as their design ensures they are fitted to the doorway or one side of the wall. If you have unusual angles or do not want the gate to be fixed permanently to the wall, you might consider going for the retractable gates.

Top 5 Baby Gate For Uneven Walls Reviews

1. Toddleroo by the North States

Baby Gate For Uneven Walls

The versatility of this gate is what most parents love about it. It comes with panels that can be easily added or removed to fit your required space. Durability is also another eye-catching feature of this baby gate as it is made using heavy-duty materials that ensure it withstands a lot of dragging, pushing, and pulling.

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You can secure each end of this baby gate using its hardware mount, while its base rubber pad provides the floor with adequate protection. This means no damage will come to your floors, and one feature we found interesting about this baby gate is its kiddie-safe swinging door panel.

This kiddie-safe door panel comes with a locking mechanism for added protection, and if you have irregular-shaped rooms or uneven walls, this baby gate will do the job for you.


  • Adjusting this gate is easy, and it is extensive to fit into large spaces.
  • If you live in a house with big rooms, you can extend this baby gate.
  • You can also use these baby gates as a freestanding pen.


  • If you want to change panel configuration, you might need to purchase extra hardware.
  • Because of its length, a strong toddler might find it easy to move its individual panels.

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2. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

You can count on the Regalo baby gate to do the job for you if your home width is far from the norm. You can also use this baby gate in sealing off some areas of your house where you do not want toddlers and pets to visit, and an example of such a place is the fireplace.

If you want to change this baby gate’s shape and length, you can easily achieve that, and locking this gate in place can also be achieved. There is a safety lock on the walk-through opening, and adults will easily open this opening just by a simple touch.

It means no fuss for adults when they pass through and keeping your babies exactly where you want them. Its wall mounts ensure that the gates are held in place, but you can remove them when necessary.


  • This baby gate’s design meets JPMA and ASTM safety standards.
  • Re-configuring and moving this gate around is easy.
  • You can carry this baby gate along when traveling to visit people to keep your baby in check.


  • Its opening panel might not fit everybody except for relatively small people.

3. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate

From the name of this gate, you can tell it was designed to have pets in mind. Still, it boasts a freestanding option, meaning it can serve kids. Opting for this when moved to install a baby gate in your home isn’t a bad idea because it works to restrict the movement of pets and toddlers when necessary.

Your little human will not be able to make his way to the kitchen or stairs with this gate properly put in place, and the interesting aspect of this gate is even when your kid is asleep, this gate keeps out pets as well. At either end of this baby gate lies a panel, and this panel helps to avoid tipping,

There is a rubber foot, just like we mentioned earlier in one of the products we reviewed. These rubber feet make sure no damage is done to your floors. Finally, this gate has a self-closing mechanism, provided it isn’t open more than ninety degrees.


  • It features a hardwood surround that can match your home’s interior decoration.
  • Moving and placing this gate anywhere in your home can be done with ease.
  • It locks automatically when the gate closes.


  • Storing when not in use is difficult because of its bulky feeling.
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4. Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

When designing the Munchkin Baby Gate, the engineers had to think outside the box. As a result, this is one baby gate that is like none other as it is made with aluminum and silver combination to give it a sharp and stylish finish.

You can count on this baby gate to fit doorways, stairs, and halls, and despite being a hardware-mounted baby gate, it boasts a quick-release feature that offers easy access in and out of this baby gate. In addition, its door has a double lock design that can swing either way, and for added convenience, this baby gate comes with a handle used for opening and closing.

Opening full and not just a section is another feature you will fall in love with about this baby gate and say goodbye to tripping, thanks to its no-base bar design.


  • It comes with preset index positions for width adjustments.
  • It boasts a stylish and sleek look.
  • It comes with an integrated tuning design to fit uneven and vertical walls.


  • Users complained about this gate being tricky to install

5. Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate

The QDOS crystal designer baby safety gate is the last baby gate we would be talking about in this interesting review, and this is one baby gate that boasts an innovative feature. So if you are looking for a baby gate that boasts a combination of safety and style, this gate right here matches the description.

You can mount and install this gate anywhere in your home, while you can add extensions if you have a wider space. Interestingly, this baby gate comes with a glow strip that makes it possible to view the bar strip at night. In addition, there is a magnetic lock option that turns green when this baby gate is locked.


  • This gate does little or no damage to the walls.
  • It comes with the necessary kits for banister use.
  • You can do its hardware option at an angle.


  • Gets finger marks easily, which might require constant cleaning

Buying Guide

As a parent, you need to be extra careful with your toddlers when they start investigating their environment. In addition, you must get additional security for your little kids when they start moving up and down the stairs.

Baby gates are the best protective measures you could adopt at this point, and you could easily pick one based on your needs. However, shopping for a baby gate isn’t as easy as it sounds, but there are few key things you need to look out for when shopping for a baby gate.

Ensure that the baby gate, go for a baby gate that is JPMA guaranteed, and ensure that the gate you intend to go for has correct openings. You should try out some reliable and best brands if you want to pick a baby gate you can trust because the truth is you are trusting this baby gate to keep your child protected at all times.

It means you have to pick a reliable baby gate brand. Take accurate measurements of the gap where you want to install this gate and take your child’s height into account. Finally, ensure that the baby gate you are going for has the right certification.

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