Best Baby Gate With Foot Pedal

The best baby gate with foot pedal are the best options for parents who have their hands carrying one item or the other always, and all they need to do is step on the foot pedal below to open up the baby gate. This baby gate design is beneficial for parents with young babies moving around, while trying to meet up with chores, and this type of gate allows you to walk through with ease whether you are carrying a diaper bag, bag of groceries, or you are carrying your fussy child around the house. Parents with twin babies will benefit from this type of baby gate, as it offers a hands-free operation while they use the foot pedal in opening up this gate.

The way this baby gate is designed, parents can easily open up such gate using its foot pedal, but babies will never be able to understand the way it works. The best places to use this gate is at bottom of stairs and doorways, and what interests people most about the best baby gate with foot pedal is some of these gates are still designed to have an extra locking system at the top of the gate. This provides parents with the option of opening up this gate with their hands or legs. Being a parent to a young baby means having a lot of responsibility and occupied hands most times, and this explains why installing a baby gate that can be unlocked using the legs is very essential.

With these sort of baby gates, your babies will not only be protected and safe around their play zones, but parents can easily walk through it without facing any form of obstacle or obstruction. For parents with babies that always demand their parent’s attention, the best baby gate with foot pedal remains the best option for them. Stepping or sliding on the foot pedal is how parents can unlock this gate, and what makes this baby gate unique is how parents can easily open it but babies can’t. Its step and release opening mechanism is very difficult for babies to comprehend, telling you this is a fully baby-proof baby gate.

It doesn’t matter what baby gate you decide to settle for, whether it is a freestanding baby gate, retractable baby gate, hardware mounted baby gate, or a pressure mounted baby gate, what matters is the how the gate functions so you can be able to walk through it with ease.

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Best Baby Gate With Foot Pedal – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Gate With Foot Pedal

This is why it is very vital that you opt for a hands-free baby gate if you want a baby gate that will offer you free passage. There are times when a parent will need to freely move around the house despite carrying some items or even a baby. This is where a baby gate with foot pedal comes in, because you will feel frustrated if you have a full hand and you are unable to move freely due to the baby gate standing right in front of you. However, the only solution to this problem is having a baby gate with foot pedal installed in your home.

Best Baby Gate With Foot Pedal Review

1. Summer Step to Open Gate

The summer step to open gate is one that will be easy to install in home as it boasts of a pressure mounted design that doesn’t require any form of hardware for installation. You can count on this thirty two inches baby gate to fit doorways and and rooms that are between thirty to forty five inches wide. Interestingly, this gate boasts of a hands-free operation as it uses a foot pedal to open it up when an adult wants to pass, and its door is designed to close gently when a person passes. It also features an additional easy to grip handle for accessing this gate, and its stylish black and silver colors would complement your home’s interior decoration.


  • This gate has a fantastic design
  • It boasts of a hands-free operation that’s worth it
  • It is easy to install


  • None

2. North States Supergate Slide-Step and Lock Open Gate

One of the features that makes this gate loved by many is its durability as it is made using a burnished steel material that ensures it lasts for a very long time. Offering a one-handed operation is another impressive feature of this baby gate, and just like the first gate we talked about in this guide, this baby gate boasts of a pressure mounted design that makes installation fast and simple. It also comes with tension knobs that helps in holding this gate secured between openings, while its heavy-duty metal construction extends the lifespan of this baby gate. It also boasts of a hold open and self closing mechanism for ease of use.


  • This gate has a nice design
  • It has a solid build
  • It worked as expected


  • Opening up and installing this baby gate presented some users with a little bit difficulty

3. Step-n-Go Gate by North States

Just by stepping on the foot pedal this gate comes with, this gate will open and close down with ease, while its one-handed operation also makes operating this gate very easy. Durability is another interesting feature of this baby gate as it boasts of a deluxe steel construction, while having a unique matte brown finish ensures that this baby gate complements your home’s interior decoration. This gate is designed to swing open in two ways, while a self-closing feature tells you how effective this baby gate is. This is another pressure mounted baby gate that doesn’t require too much hardware for installation, and it also comes with extension knobs that holds this gate tightly in between spaces.

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  • This is a sturdy baby gate
  • It has an attractive appearance
  • Its design ensures it works fine


  • Its foot pedal got broken easily

For parents who constantly have to move thing around in the house or deal with a fussy baby, nothing beats having a baby gate installed in your home that you easily step on to open up. This takes away worrying about moving around without having to be obstructed by a baby gate that you installed to baby-proof your home. When a baby starts becoming mobile, safety is the first thought that should hit the parent’s mind. So many times, it is impossible for parents to not have their hands filled when taking car of a little baby.

It doesn’t matter whether you are carrying your baby’s bottles, baby clothes, or your baby in your arms, what matters is you being able to move freely without a baby gate blocking your path. This tells you how crucial a baby gate with foot pedal needs to be installed in homes with little babies. However, shopping for this special baby gate isn’t so simple if you do not have the right piece of information in your possession. You might end up purchasing a very bad product that will end up causing one issue or the other, and this is why you have this guide as it will show you the best baby gate with foot pedal products you can trust.

Final Note

There you have the top products that we have just finished talking about, and these are the baby gates you can trust to grant you easy access to any area of the house you are going to without stress. Despite being easy to open for parents, babies will not be able to access or open up this baby gate. It does the job of allowing you gain access and preventing babies from moving to areas of the house where they are not wanted. You can pick any of the products we have recommended in this guide when you decide to shop for the best baby gate with foot pedal.

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