Best Baby Gates For Toddlers

Baby gates are considered as very essential elements when parents consider baby-proofing their homes, and the best baby gates for toddlers work effectively in giving parents peace of mind and keeping babies out of harm’s way. However, all baby gates are not created the same, as there are some that are versatile, sturdy, limited, flimsy, impressive, and more. There are hundreds of baby gates on the market, and the vast brands and models available on the market can make finding the right one for your baby and the family very daunting. Out of the numerous models on the market, we have decided to bring our readers this review which contains five top quality products you can trust when baby-proofing your home.

There are baby gates that are best suited for particular places in a home. This means not all baby gates can be placed at the bottom of stairs, and not all baby gates will be perfect for use at the top of stairs. Where you intend to place a baby gate in your home matters, and it should be taken into consideration before going out to shop for a baby gate for toddlers. With a reliable baby gate installed in your home, curious babies are kept off the stairs, the pool, the kitchen, and any other place you do not want them to be in without an adult around.

With baby gates installed in your home, parents can go about other things undisturbed, knowing their baby’s movement in the house has been placed on restriction. A good baby gate is very easy to set up, difficult for toddlers to operate, and easy to use. A reliable baby gate will be difficult for a toddler to climb off as it has the perfect height setting, and there are few brands on the market that can be trusted when shopping for baby gates. These brands are the Regalo, Toddleroo, and DreamBaby brands.

Best Baby Gates For Toddlers

If you are considering baby-proofing your home, you have to look out for easy installation, stability, and a baby gate with a suitable mounting method for your home. Baby gates comes in different sizes, so measuring the amount of space where you want to install a baby gate is advisable. If you have the accurate measurement for a stairway, doorway, hallway, and any other place in your home, you will certainly find a baby gate that will be suitable and perfect for that space.

Best Baby Gates For Toddlers – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby gates for toddlers

Having a good knowledge on baby gates is very vital towards making the right choice, and there are different types of baby gates.

Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

This type of gate uses a tension system for staying upright, and it is easy to move around. Pressure mounted baby gates do not require drilling holes in your wall, but the downside of the pressure mounted gate is it would not stand up to too much pressure, causing it to fall over. Babies that are strong enough or weigh more than a pressure mounted gate might end up pushing the gate down.

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Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

The hardware mounted baby gate remains the safest option. They require screwing of caps into walls, and this makes it impossible for babies to knock this gate over. Despite having a sturdy build, moving this gate around the house is simple, especially if you have caps installed in various places in your home.

Walk Through Baby Gates

The beauty of a walk through gate is it easily allows you walk through it using its wide access door, meaning you do not have to go through the stress of taking down one barrier or the other before walking through it.


Just because you want to limit your little baby from moving around freely doesn’t mean you pet should suffer for it. There are baby gates built with openings for cats and dogs to walk through freely, but this opening should be very smaller than your child to prevent them from passing through it.

Best Baby Gates For Toddlers Review

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Baby Gate

This baby gate has been certified safe and proven to be a high-quality product. It has an extra tall design that will fit 29 – 37 inch width, but one advice parents should take before shopping for this gate is measuring the space where it will be installed before making a payment. This is one baby gate parents will find very easy to setup and use, while having an adjustable design makes it suitable bottom of stairs, hallways, and doorways. It can also be easily removed for quick and convenient storage, while having an all steel design ensures it lasts longer than many other baby gates on the market.


  • This is a well constructed gate
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • Its mounting hardware guarantees sticking to a door frame


  • Gate lock stopped functioning after some weeks

2. Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate

Parents who want to worry less about where their baby moves to in the house will love this gate that effectively prevents babies from going to places they are not wanted. It is suitable for use at doorways and stairways, and with this gate, there is no point worrying about it tripping or tipping over. Having a stylish design ensures it perfectly fits your home’s interior decoration, and its high-quality steel design tells you this gate will last for a long period of time. Swinging in one direction eliminates the fear of this gate tipping over stairs, while removing this gate when not in use is possible for better storage.


  • It gets the job done
  • It is sturdy
  • It is very easy to handle


  • Its design isn’t well planned out

3. Toddleroo by North States Easy Close Baby Gate

Another top quality baby gate from the Toddleroo By North States brand, and just like we mentioned earlier in this review, the Toddleroo brand is among the top quality brands parents can trust to make a reliable and dependable baby gate. This door is perfect for use at several openings, and its installation is very simple as it doesn’t require the use of extra tools or hardware. It makes use of tension knobs pressure mounts in holding the gate secured, and thanks to its all white finish, this gate will complement your home’s interior look. It boasts of a heavy-duty metal construction that makes it very durable, and finally, it comes with a triple locking system that provides parents with peace of mind, knowing their babies are safe.

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  • Opening and closing this gate is easy
  • It is very easy to install
  • It features a sturdy metal design


  • None

4. Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Gate

Its extra wide and extra tall design makes this gate fit openings and stairways that measures about 20 – 40 inches, and having a two-in-one design makes this baby gate perfect for use at hallways, doorways, and top of stairs. Removing this gate is easy for better storage, and wiping it clean is also easy for getting rid of dust and stains. Just like every other gate mentioned in this guide, this baby gate has an all steel design that makes it very durable and long lasting, and it is a hardware mounted gate for extra security. In addition, it comes with a safety-lock feature.


  • Easy installation
  • It has a good latching mechanism
  • It can be stored conveniently


  • Its instructions are not well explained

5. Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

The Muchkin Easy Close baby gate is the final baby gate to make it to this guide, and before shopping for this gate, ensure taking accurate measurement of where you want this get to fit into. This is a latex free gate that is easy to use, as all it requires is pushing to lock and close, and this door will swing in both directions, thanks to a double locking mechanism. This is a pressure mounted gate that comes with all essential hardware for extra safety, and wiping this gate clean can be done using mild soap and damp cloth.


  • Nice looking gate
  • It works
  • It swings in both direction


  • It didn’t come with a screwing nut

Best Baby Gate For Toddlers Safety Tip

One advice we always give to parents is never to allow their little babies watch them climb over a baby gate. This is inappropriate because babies have the tendency of coping whatever they see an adult do, causing them to give it a try. Placing risky ideas in a baby’s head should be avoided at all cost, so it is healthy and ideal for parents to use the walk through gate when they need to pass through an already installed baby gate.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more important than keeping your little child safe, whether it is outdoors or indoors. However, knowing which product that will get the job done for you is a tricky one, and that’s why we have dug deep into the market to bring you these top quality five products you can bank on to keep your little baby safe. The baby gates listed here were picked based on their durability, strength, multi-functional use, ease of installation, and affordability.

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