what is the best nasal aspirator for newborns?

There are so many things a nursing mother deals with on a daily, including a baby’s gross actions. These actions might include constant diaper changes and spitting up in babies. There are other irritating and gross things nursing mothers also deals with and that is the removal of mucous from their baby’s nose. The best baby nasal aspirator has made clearing of mucous from a baby’s nose very easy, but mothers used their mouths in the past to clear up their baby’s nose. Babies suffer nasal congestion at some point in their life, and when they start growing teeth is one of the stages a child suffers nasal congestion. They also have nasal congestion when they feel sick or when they are suffering from an allergic reaction.

It is every parents duty to find a way to clear up their baby’s nasal pathway so babies can be comfortable again, and this is where using the best baby nasal aspirator comes in. However, shopping for a baby nasal aspirator isn’t an easy task if you do not have the right information, but today is your lucky day as this guide will point you in the right direction. Newborn babies are not born with the skill of breathing with their mouth and nose, and this explains why breathing becomes a problem when their nose is congested. As a parent, there must be something you can be able to do to help clear up your baby’s nasal passage.

Parents can do this from time to time till their baby gets to stage of breathing with the mouth and nose if there is a congestion. Using baby nasal aspirators helps in clearing up mucous from your baby’s nose so they can breathe easily, but babies do not enjoy or tolerate using baby nasal aspirators despite all the benefits it brings.

Best Baby Nasal Aspirator – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby nasal aspirator

What Are Baby Nasal Aspirators?

Just like we have explained earlier, baby nasal aspirators are devices used in helping babies get rid of mucous from their nasal passage or nose. Once your baby’s nose feels congested and your baby finds it difficult to breathe, the next thing to do is clear up the mucous with a baby nasal aspirator. Nasal congestion makes it impossible for babies to sleep and breathe, and we all know how impossible it is for babies to blow out their nose when it feels congested. Only an adult can do that, so this is why it is essential to add a baby nasal aspirator to you baby shopping list when you are shopping for baby items.

All nasal aspirators on the market do not have the same features and designs. There are different types of baby nasal aspirators on the market, and they are;

Electric Aspirator – this is a battery-powered baby nasal aspirator with an easy to use design. It is operated by putting one end in your baby’s nose and the other end goes into the parents mouth. This device is used for sucking the mucous out of a baby’s nose.

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Bulb Syringe – Also called the bulb aspirator, so many people think this is a poorly designed tool used in getting rid of congestion from a baby’s nose.

Oral Suction Aspirator – This particular baby nasal aspirator won the hearts of so many parents that purchased it when it got introduced to the market, and it is designed in a way that its tube goes into the baby’s nose and the other end goes into the mother’s mouth. It makes use of an oral suction method to clear up your baby’s nose, but its efficient and gentle action is the reason why babies are comfortable with this device.

Best Baby Nasal Aspirator Review

1. FridaBaby NoseFrida The Snotsucker

Having an innovative design that gives parents control over the suction power and combined with a strong suction power makes this baby nasal aspirator the best on the market. It is designed in a way that parents do not accidentally take in mucous from their baby’s nose, but it comes with a filter that helps in supporting good hygiene. This baby nasal aspirator has a dishwasher safe design, meaning there will be no difficulty when it comes to cleaning up this baby nasal aspirator. It is made using non-toxic materials, making sure that this device is safe for both mother and child.


  • Being easy to clean is a bonus
  • It has a disposable filter for proper hygiene
  • It gives parents the option of controlling suction power


  • Its pieces fell apart while in use

2. OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator

The combination of multiple tips and a combat design made mothers fall in love with the oCCobaby nasal aspirator, and its effective action makes it a moms favorite for so many years to come. This baby nasal aspirator comes with different tip sizes, and interestingly, it has a long reach tip that gets rid of mucous in hidden areas in your baby’s nose. Eliminating heavy mucous is possible using its power suction tip, while gentle power suction tip is used when dealing with newborns. The silicone material construction this baby nasal aspirator boasts of makes it completely safe for mother and child, and it can function on battery or using its oral suction operation.


  • It comes with different tip sizes for different situations
  • It has a compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • It comes with a dual mode of operation


  • It has a weak suction power

3. BabySmile Nasal Aspirator S-503

Mothers love this nasal aspirator because of its instant suction power, and the fun part of using this baby nasal aspirator is its gentle action makes it possible for babies to sit still while you try eliminating mucous from their nose. Clearing your baby’s nasal passage very quick is what this nasal aspirator is designed to help mothers achieve, and it boasts of a hospital-grade suction power that works great while clearing up difficult and tricky mucous from your baby’s nose. This nasal aspirator comes with a power setting that enables parents switch between high and low suction powers, and providing a soothing relief that will make babies comfortable is another benefit of using this nasal aspirator.


  • It gets rid of mucous instantly
  • It has a design that guarantees comfort
  • It has a small and compact design


  • It has several parts to clean up
  • Its power base isn’t so portable
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4. BoogieBulb Baby Nasal Aspirator and Booger Sucker

This baby nasal aspirator has an easy to clean design as it can be opened up, cleaned , and sanitized immediately after use. It comes in different sizes for your convenience, while its hospital latex-grade material construction prevents the buildup of germs and bacteria. This product comes with a lifetime warranty, telling you how durable this product is, and this is a dishwasher safe product, meaning its parts are easy to clean in a dishwasher.


  • It doesn’t require parents to shop for replacement filters
  • It can be easily opened up for a full cleaning action
  • It has a dishwasher safe design


  • There is no control over its suction power
  • Some people claimed its parts were disconnecting during use

5. Baby Nasal Aspirator

As we draw closer to the end of this very interesting review, we are round up this review with a nasal aspirator that uses parent’s breath in controlling how much suction power is used in clearing up mucous from their baby’s nose. Interestingly, this baby nasal aspirator has a cup for collecting mucous so a mother doesn’t take it in accidentally. It boasts of a clear view design that shows you how powerful its suction is, and this tells you if you require more power or less to clear up your baby’s congested nose. Inserting this nasal aspirator deep into your baby’s nose isn’t required, and this eliminates risk of infection while promoting comfort in babies.


  • It offers parents its suction power control
  • You will see how effective it is thanks to its clear view design
  • Buying disposable filters isn’t necessary with this product


  • There are so many parts to wash


How To Find The Best Baby Nasal Aspirator

Whether your baby has been attacked by a cold or your baby is suffering from seasonal allergies, what matters is finding a way out of the situation for your baby. It might seem difficult but having a baby nasal aspirator will be helpful. There are few features you should be aware of before you go out shopping for a baby nasal aspirator, and these features are;

Material Used

You have to be conscious of the materials used in making a baby nasal aspirator, and the part of nasal aspirator that goes into your baby’s nose and your mouth should be made with materials that hinder the buildup of bacteria. Silicone materials are preferred as they feel soft and flexible.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning up a baby tool after use is very vital, so whatever baby aspirator you decide shopping for should have an easy to clean design. It will be to your advantage if you can easily disassemble the device for proper cleaning.

Nasal Tip Size

Parents opt to go for nasal aspirator that has interchangeable tips, and this is because it allows the use of various tip sizes. You can make use of these baby nasal aspirator types from a baby to a toddler stage.


Make sure you pay attention to the instructions a baby nasal aspirator comes with because all nasal aspirators do not have the same mode of operation. However, finding the right baby nasal aspirator remains the goal, and you can make a decision from any of the top five products we have listed in this guide.

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