Best Baby Shoes For Beginning Walkers

It is tough to resist the urge of wearing your baby’s tiny feet a shiny pair of shoes, and having a cute baby makes it difficult to want to resist dressing up your child. However, the American Pediatrics Association disclosed that babies could only wear soft socks. So, when they begin moving around freely while riding a baby walker, the time is right for parents to get them a pair of shoes.

Pre-walker shoes sturdy and soft will provide babies the support they need when they start feeling some weight on their feet and legs and start learning how to crawl or walk. The best baby shoes for beginning walkers will show you some of the top-rated products for your child.

A pair of rubber soles, flexible and lightweight shoes will be needed when a baby starts taking initial baby steps, and parents should note that this period is between nine to eighteen months. These soft and flexible shoes will help babies walk confidently and safely, and even though it is a known fact that babies tend to grow rapidly, each shoe needs to have the right fit.

Baby shoes might not last because of how they grow quickly, but parents should not end up purchasing bigger-sized shoes. The extra room a bigger-sized shoe offers babies will affect the fit, causing them not to play, walk, or stand easily.

It doesn’t matter whether your baby is learning to walk, stand, or play, but what matters is getting them the right shoe that would help them with their early baby walking steps. Lightweight shoes that are flexible and offer support are what babies need, and the balance and grip. These shoes possess what prevents babies from tripping and slipping.

This guide will introduce you to the best shoes that will be ideal for new baby walkers, and parents can rest assured that these shoes were designed bearing stability, comfort, and protection in mind.

Best Baby Shoes For Beginning Walkers – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Baby Shoes For Beginning Walkers

One of the greatest milestones a baby can achieve is learning how to take his first baby steps, but that puts some pressure on the parents because they have to shop for the best pair of shoes suitable for their baby. Whatever footwear a parent settles for needs to be taken off and put on with ease, while its design should support the baby’s feet.

It will not hurt to put an adorable shoe on your baby’s tiny-looking feet, but it will be interesting for parents to know that babies tend to have wider feet with a different bone structure. Having a wide fit means babies can walk freely, and the shoe will grip their toes, while flexibility makes walking with a pair of shoes similar to walking barefooted.

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The bottom of the shoe should have excellent traction underneath, which helps avoid unnecessary slipping and falling. However, if you have a confident cruiser in your home, the time is right for you to get that child his first baby shoes. In addition to what we mentioned earlier, baby shoes should have room to grow and move, while its material should be a breathable material to promote better airflow.

There are so many baby shoes that claim to be the best for beginning walkers on the market, but how do you end up or recognize the best baby shoes from the bad ones.

Top 5 Best Baby Shoes For Beginning Walkers Reviews

1. Josmo Unisex-Child Walking Shoes First Walker

Made using high-quality leather material, this is the best shoe for any baby learning how to take his first baby steps. Using one hundred percent leather material tells you how durable this shoe is. This ankle height pair of shoes are adorable and attractive, which will make babies get drawn to them naturally, and having dual-colored laces and soles ensures it has the right fit on your baby’s feet.

Parents love this shoe is how fashionable this shoe is, and interestingly, parents don’t need to spend so much to get their kids this shoe as it sells at a very affordable price. In addition, its exciting features make it the best and envy of all other baby shoes on the market.


  • They are sturdy and durable pairs of shoes.
  • It allows babies to walk fine.
  • It offers the perfect fit.


  • Babies tend to fall a bit when walking with this pair of shoes.

2. COSANKIM Baby Walkers for Girls

For parents looking for a baby shoe made using high-quality leather material and one with a flexible rubber sole, the COSANKIM baby walker shoe fits the description. Still, it will be better when shopping for this shoe if parents knew that it was designed just for girls.

It is comfortable, lightweight, and soft, making it easy for babies to move around freely with it. However, what really interests parents about this shoe is creating a cozy environment for baby feet to grow healthy and naturally. Wearing this shoe on your little princess’s leg is very easy, while its hook and loop closure ensures it stays firm on your baby’s feet. You can wear these shoes on any occasion and any dress.


  • These are cute looking shoes
  • Little girls find them comfortable and adorable
  • It works as described


  • Their sizing runs large

3. THEE BRON Infant Toddler Baby Soft Sole Leather Shoes

Dress up your baby’s feet in comfort and style with the THEE BRON Infant Toddler leather shoes, and these lightweight shoes have earned so many praises from parents who have tried them out on their kids.

Moving freely is one advantage of walking with these shoes for babies. Providing babies with adequate support and comfort is another advantage babies will get thanks to its memory foam footbed.

These shoes are soft and flexible, making them an ideal choice for babies learning how to stand and walk, while its rubber outsole comes with good traction that battles unwanted slipping and falling when walking.

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  • They offer an amazing fit.
  • It has a nice color, and they are cute looking.
  • Parents are pleased with the quality and roomy design of this shoe


  • Its size is off

4. Babelvit Baby Girls Boys Soft Rubber Sole Walking Sneakers

The Babelvit unisex shoes have a charming and cute look, and it is ideal for babies that are learning how to take their initial baby steps. This shoe is soft and made using durable, comfortable, and soft material shoes. You how long this shoe will last. It comes with a flexible rounded sole that supports a baby’s feet, and when a baby crawls, this shoe will stay on and not fall off.

Its sturdy and lightweight bottom, with a non-slip sole, makes it ideal for new walkers to play outside with this shoe, and thanks to its hook and loop closure, taking off and putting on this shoe will be very convenient. In addition, babies that have chubby feet will enjoy this shoe as it goes easy on their feet, and made using a baby-friendly material ensures it doesn’t cause irritation or reaction on your baby’s feet.


  • These shoes are adorable and comfortable
  • Its soft design makes it ideal for a baby’s feet
  • It is recommended for new walkers


  • It has no cons for now

5. RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls Shoes Canvas Toddler Sneakers

Finally, the RVROVIC toddler sneakers for boys and girls are another trusted, high-quality shoe parents can entrust their baby legs to when their babies are keen to take their first baby steps. Made using breathable and high-quality materials tells you your baby’s feet will receive an adequate amount of air, therefore eliminating bad and heat.

Its anti-slip sole and general, lightweight design make walking with this shoe very natural and smooth. Parents will find it easy to wear this shoe and take this shoe off their baby’s feet, and having a classic style makes this shoe the best for any occasion.


  • These are flexible and cute-looking shoes.
  • They are well made and can be easily decorated.
  • They are ideal for new walkers.


  • They feel a little bit huge.

Furthermore, there are three tips given by the American Academy Of Pediatrics Association, and these tips should be taken into consideration when shopping for the best shoe for babies.

  • Baby shoes must come with traction to avoid the possibility of falling and slipping.
  • They should be made using mesh material or soft leather to ensure that the feet breathe and feel comfortable.
  • Baby shoes ought to be flexible and lightweight so they can support the natural movement of the feet.

It is known that allowing babies to walk barefooted guarantees natural foot development, but that doesn’t mean that baby shoes are unnecessary. On the contrary, a good baby shoe will encourage babies to walk and learn to move their feet freely. Baby shoes also provide an adequate amount of protection as it protects baby feet from rocky, cold, hot, and uneven surfaces.

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