Best Baby Shoes For New Walkers

It is such a fun-filled and captivating moment for any parent to watch their baby take their first baby steps in life, and it doesn’t matter if it is the first time your eyes are beholding such a wonderful sight or the tenth time.

A sudden rush of excitement fills the inner part of every parent who witnesses this moment. Some parents get confused about whether they should let the child continue with their baby steps or catch the baby and prevent the little prince or princess from falling.

This is the point where it starts occurring to every parent that the time has come for them to get their little one a suitable shoe. This is where the best baby shoes for the new walker’s guide come in.

When babies reach the milestone of taking their first baby steps, getting a pair of shoes that doesn’t guarantee only support but provides the legs with the right amount of comfort is the right thing to do. It will be a wise investment for a parent to get baby shoes with soft soles, breathable material, and one that has a large room for growth.

This type of shoe enables kids to walk naturally, and it doesn’t matter whether your baby is trying to take their first steps on smooth or uneven surfaces. Offering your baby’s cute little feet protection is another benefit a high-quality baby shoe should offer your child.

However, knowing the right tips to look out for when shopping for the best baby shoes for new walkers will make it easy for any parent to settle for a good and reliable baby shoe, and trust me when I say the right tips and information will make shopping for baby shoes less stressful.

Best Baby Shoes For New Walkers

You should avoid picking up shoes for your baby simply because they look cute because they might have a beautiful appearance but will not offer your baby comfort, protection, or support.

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Best Baby Shoes For New Walkers – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby shoes for new walkers

You must have gotten used to your baby-wearing cute-looking baby socks, but when they decide or start taking their first baby steps, the time has come for them to move on to the real deal.

A good pair of baby shoes is the real deal for any baby figuring out how to take their first baby step, and even though watching your little prince and princess take their first baby steps might be a great achievement, you should not get carried away with the sight. Now is the right time for you as a parent to invest in a good and high-quality pair of baby shoes.

Getting the perfect shoe will encourage babies to continue taking more baby steps. When shopping for baby shoes, shoes that boast the combination of fashion and functionality are the best to settle for.

As we mentioned earlier, every parent needs the right information to choose when shopping for shoes for their baby. There are great tips for parents itching to get their baby cute and practical baby shoes and check out these tips in the section below.

Tips When Shopping For Baby Shoes

Here are some useful tips you can use before making up your mind about a baby shoe.

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The truth is babies are still young and unable to speak for themselves, so it will be hard for them to complain when a shoe doesn’t fit. This is why every parent must know the length and width of their baby’s legs, and fingers can be used to determine the size of their baby’s feet.

One area of the feet you should pay attention to is the heel, and a perfect fit should never be compromised when shopping for a decent pair of shoes for your baby.

Shoe Flexibility

You need to check the flexibility of the toe region and sole of the shoe you want to buy for your baby. Does the shoe help your baby to move steadily or funny? When bent, a baby’s shoe should not feel too stiff to ensure that your baby’s leg does not get deformed while wearing the shoe.

Furthermore, parents should find it easy to wear and remove any shoe from their baby’s fragile legs.

Shoe Material

Shoes made with lightweight materials are the best for babies, and one advantage of baby lightweight shoes is the level of comfort it offers. Babies will not feel the heaviness when lifting their legs, making it easy for babies to walk in this shoe. Heavy shoes mean babies will drag their feet when walking.

Good Grip

If your baby shoes don’t come with the right amount of grip on the soles, you will have to put up with watching your baby fall every time they try to walk. Shoes with good grip and padding will eliminate the possibility of slipping and falling, but they will help your baby take steady steps towards perfecting learning how to walk.

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Best Baby Shoes For New Walkers Review

1. OAISNIT Baby Boys Girls Sneakers

The OAISNIT unisex baby shoes are designed using a breathable fabric that promotes proper air circulation when worn on a baby’s feet. A rubber, lightweight sole with a good grip makes it easy for babies to move around on any surface comfortably.

Its durable sole and anti-collision toe cap care for every baby’s feet and provides the feet with adequate protection. At the same time, its soft and breathable lining eliminates sweat and makes this shoe comfortable for babies.

Wearing this shoe and taking it off will not be a problem as this shoe comes with an adjustable closure that makes it easy to wear and remove from a baby’s tiny feet, and this shoe can be worn under any weather condition or for any occasion.


  • This shoe has a stretchy design that fits
  • It boasts of a sturdy rubber sole
  • It boosts confidence in babies when walking


  • Parents had some issues with finding the ideal size for their babies.

2. Mejale Baby Infant Toddler Shoes

The high-quality leather and suede material combination makes this one of the classy baby shoes any parent wants their baby to have. Having a lightweight design makes it easy for babies to move around freely in this pair of shoes.

One attractive feature of this shoe is the arch support it offers, and it comes with an elastic band that ensures this shoe stays fit on your baby’s little legs. The elastic band also makes wearing and removing this shoe very easy, and thanks to premium materials used in making this shoe, this shoe provides the right amount of support for use indoors and outdoors. Parents recommend this shoe for babies learning how to walk and crawl.


  • This shoe is perfect for babies with wide feet.
  • This is a well-made shoe that is soft and easy to wear
  • It fits well and earns babies loads of compliments
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  • Its sizing is odd

3. BirdRock Baby Moccasins

The BirdRock Baby Mocassins baby shoe is another high-quality, classy baby shoe using premium leather material. One aspect of this shoe parents love is the fact that it is crafted to last.

Its soft soles aid better foot development in babies and enabling babies to maintain a natural movement while walking is another benefit of this baby shoe.

If you want baby shoes that stay on, the BirdRock Baby Mocassins shoe matches that description, and surprisingly, you will not have to break the bank in purchasing this stylish and comfortable shoe for your baby. What this means is the BirdRock Baby Mocassins shoe is very affordable.


  • These shoes stay on without using a pair of socks
  • It fits for a long time
  • Keeping the feet warm is a significant benefit of this shoe


  • Parents are not impressed with the quality of this shoe.

4. Stride Rite Unisex-Child Soft Motion Rhett Sneaker

Made using one hundred synthetic leather material, the Stride Rite unisex child shoes are designed to last for a long while, and babies will move easily with a firm grip thanks to its durable rubber sole.

This shoe comes with a hook and loop closure that ensures it stays on with a firm fit on your baby’s cute little feet, and babies will enjoy enhanced levels of comfort thanks to its ortholite memory foam design.

It boasts of having a seamless construction that will take the natural shape of your baby’s feet, while its oversized opening makes it easy to open up this shoe.


  • This is a high-quality and super cute baby shoe
  • It fits great and works well with fat feets
  • It aids foot development in babies
  • It is lightweight and durable


  • Parents claimed this shoe is extensive for their baby’s feet.

5. Attipas Baby Shoes Socks

Safety is one feature most shoes lack, but that isn’t the case with the Attipas Baby Shoe Socks, made with non-toxic materials like formaldehyde, adhesives, or any hazardous materials.

This is one of the best breathable shoes on the market that boasts release holes to boost air circulation and expel heat. At the same time, its flexible and lightweight design promotes motor development and cognitive support. This is a smooth, strong, and non-slip shoe that will make walking convenient for every baby out there.


  • These are fun looking baby shoes
  • They are designed to stay on firmly
  • It is easy to pull off


  • This pair of baby shoes don’t last

Final Note

You feel fulfilled watching your baby take their first baby steps, and even though you feel overwhelmed with excitement, you should not forget that the time has come to get your baby the right and ideal baby shoes.

When you hit the market, you will find various shoes that might leave you confused, but shopping for the best baby shoes for your baby learning how to walk will no longer be difficult since you have this guide at your disposal.

You will not go wrong with any of the shoes we have discussed in this guide and read through our tips thoroughly to simplify your search.

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