Top 5 Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet

The best baby shoes for wide feet are shoes with designs that help promote comfort instead of allowing baby feet to feel unnecessarily tight inside any shoe. The truth is if you are searching for a reliable baby shoe for a child with wide feet, you are certainly on the right page and at the right place.

Do you see the level of discomfort on your little child’s face when they wear a shoe that feels a little bit too tight? Do you also notice times when it is impossible for their legs to fit normal-sized shoes? If you find your little child in any of these situations, then it might be time for you to get another pair of shoes for your little one.

Unfortunately, so many little children are on the market with wider feet. Fortunately enough, some kids offer peace of mind and relaxation thanks to their comfortable and stylish design.

Shopping for shoes for your baby is similar to shopping for shoes for an adult. The difference is parents will need to make extra considerations when shopping for kids, but generally, the principle applies to both adult and baby shoes. If you have a toddler at home with skinny feet, you will be the envy of your friends because shopping for your baby’s first shoes will be effortless.

Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet

However, the same cannot be said when shopping for a baby shoe for wide feet because it always seems like finding a shoe that will be ideal for your little one’s wide feet seems impossible. Do you think there is always a struggle with wearing your baby shoes, and when you take off these shoes, do you find red marks and indentations on your baby’s legs?

These are signs that your baby’s legs are uncomfortable in whatever shoe you force them in. Whatever shoe you provide your baby’s legs with should have the correct shoe length, width, and size.

Furthermore, a parent should always remember that babies love to wiggle their toes, which has been proven to exercise the foot for natural foot development in babies. Restricting this toe movement in babies isn’t something you want to do, so whatever shoe you get for your baby should not have a narrow design.

Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best baby shoes for wide feet

One mistake parents make when shopping for shoes for their baby is thinking any shoe with the tag ‘W’ will perfectly fit their baby’s legs. However, a shoe style with many widths must possess two features, a rounder toe box, and extra depth. Whatever baby shoe you settle for as a parent should be able to provide these two features, or your baby will have a hard time each time they slip their leg into this shoe.

Most parents do not know that providing a baby with the right type of shoe promotes healthy foot development in that child. Its soles must feel very soft, while its sensory pods enable babies to feel the ground using their toes.

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Providing babies with balance when they walk is brought about by an essential toe gripping design, and all of these features help give babies that balance when they walk. However, before we go into the key factors, every parent should note when shopping for shoes for wide feet.

It will be important if a parent knows that a toddler shoe should have comfort and stability, as they are essential in helping a baby learn how to walk. The support they require when learning to walk lies in the stability and comfort a shoe provides them.

A flat shoe is the best idea for shopping for a good shoe for babies because it resembles a little child’s barefoot design. Shopping for narrow shoes is very easy, but when it comes to shopping for a shoe for wide feet, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration. Check out these factors below;

Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet Review

1. Sperry Unisex-Child Bluefish Crib Jr Shoe

The Sperry Unisex-Child Bluefish Crib Jr Shoe uses one hundred percent synthetic material and a rubber sole. This shoe’s unique is its cushy memory foam design that helps provide great amounts of comfort and stability.

Interestingly, there will be no hassle in wearing this shoe and taking it off as it comes with an alternative closure that makes it easy to adjust this shoe and makes wearing and taking off this shoe very easy.

It also boasts of a durable and genuine leather material which tells you how durable this shoe is while having a vulcanized bottom makes way for flexibility and great cushioning.


  • This shoe will grow with your kid
  • It has an ideal color scheme
  • They fit perfectly


  • There are no complaints about now

2. Robeez Baby Girls Little Peanut Shoes

The Robeez Baby Girls Little Peanut Shoes boasts of a one hundred percent leather material construction that ensures it lasts for a long time and has a non-slip, full suede, flexible, ultra-soft leather material you how durable this shoe is.

Having u restricted growth design helps offer your baby’s foot a good amount of protection, while its non-constricting and flexible design help in providing your baby’s feet with balance. Furthermore, this shoe boasts of a roomy design that accommodates different foot sizes, making it the perfect choice for wide feet in toddlers.


  • Its bottom provides the right traction
  • Parents adore this shoe’s design
  • Washing them is easy
  • These shoes are very functional


  • Parents complained it gets stained easily

3. Baby Sneaker Shoes for Girls Boy

These sneakers for babies come in different sizes, so parents can find the one with the perfect fit for their baby, which means getting an ideal shoe for a toddler with flat feet is possible.

It comes with an adjustable strap closure that makes it easy to get it on and off the feet, while its upper is made using a breathable material that ensures proper airflow, making it the right kind of shoe for all seasons.

This shoe is comfortable, soft, and comes with a mesh fabric design for absorbing sweat, while its lightweight and light rubber sole make wearing this shoe super easy. In addition, it boasts of a toe cap design which protects against hard object if there is a collision.


  • It is a cute looking shoe
  • It sells at an affordable price
  • It offers a perfect fit


  • It is difficult to wear on your baby’s feet
  • This shoe feels slippery on some surfaces
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4. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Sneaker

Featuring a synthetic and durable sole, the Dr. Schollz Women Madison Sneaker provides babies with a good amount of traction, ensuring they do not slip on any surface. In addition, it is sustainably crafted as it features a microsuede material with a soft lining which tells you how durable this shoe is.

It is easy to slip on and off a baby’s feet, while its twin stretch gore panels and padded collar design provide the balance and comfort that a baby needs when learning to walk. Providing comfort is another benefit a baby can gain when he slips his foot into this shoe.

Finally, its flexible and lightweight construction makes moving about easy for kids.


  • Its durability is excellent
  • It offers a good amount of comfort
  • It is perfect for babies with wide fit


  • They delivered a different shoe according to a customer’s review.

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Red and Black Infant Shoes

The final shoe we recommend for babies with wide feet is the Disney Mickey Mouse Infant shoes with cute-looking mickey mouse prints on them that every baby will find attractive. These prints and designs will make babies always want to slip their legs into this shoe, and what parents admire about this shoe is the cozy feeling it offers your baby’s legs.

This shoe offers comfort, making it the best shoe to wear on any day, while its impressive shoe width makes it superb for babies with wide feet. Furthermore, offering outstanding traction eliminates falling or slipping when your baby walks with this shoe. Finally, this shoe will last for a long while, thanks to its high-quality material construction.


  • This shoe has a good looking design
  • They are resistant to slipping
  • It fits perfectly and doesn’t feel tight


  • This shoe isn’t for everyday use

What To Look Out For When Shopping For A Toddler Shoe With Wide Feet

Easy To Open

If your baby has a chubby foot, it will be hard for your baby’s legs to go in and out of any shoe. It is worse when the shoe doesn’t open easily, so shoes and sandals that open with ease are a better option for babies with wide feet.


So many babies are used to wearing socks, so you should get a pair of comfortable shoes for your baby’s feet unless you want to baby to struggle each time she has a shoe on her feet that doesn’t offer comfort. A shoe with a supportive foam insert is recommended when shopping for a baby shoe with wide feet.


For babies learning how to walk for the first time, they will need a lot of flexibility when walking. Shoes with a soft sole rubber and flexibility are a great option for babies with wide feet.


Shoes that provide traction are a suitable option when your baby has started learning how to walk, and the essence of getting babies shoes with excellent traction is it helps to fight against unwanted falls.


With the right information at your fingertips, shopping for a baby shoe for wide feet isn’t as difficult as most people consider it to be. A shoe with a wide base or opening and flexibility are features you should be on the lookout for. There are plenty of options to search from, but trust the shoes discussed in this guide to be perfect for your baby. Good luck.

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