Best Bottle for Breastfed Babies Who Refuse: Proven Solutions

It is confusing to find the best bottle for a breastfed babies that refuses bottles because of the numerous products available on the market. It will be interesting for parents to note that babies end up rejecting some renowned baby bottles.

A common problem nursing mothers face is finding a suitable bottle to feed their babies. Mothers find it hard to introduce feeding bottles to their babies, and there is no other option a mother can use apart from a feeding bottle. Buying a bottle for your baby comes with a lot of trouble, but this review has some of the best products you can rely on.

Your baby needs to start using a bottle if he takes so much time to get used to some meals, and figuring out the right bottle for a baby that refused to feed with bottles can be very challenging.

So many working moms believe that finding a bottle for their baby can be very challenging. Being unable to find a suitable bottle for your baby slows down a baby’s transition from daycare to feeding bottles. Many mothers have complained about how difficult it is to find a bottle their baby will accept, so people who are tired of the trial and error pattern will be happy with this detailed guide.

Best Bottle for Breastfed Babies Who Refuse

One question new moms or expectant moms ask is if it is normal for a baby to refuse feeding with a bottle, and the truth is if a baby has been breastfed, it will be difficult for them to accept any bottle.

There are tons of reasons a baby will reject so many bottles available on the market, and these reasons include;

  • Feeding in an environment that distracts them
  • Teething
  • If the bottle’s flow is inadequate
  • If a baby prefers nursing to feed using a bottle

Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottle – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottle

It doesn’t matter what your baby’s reasons are for refusing to feed with a particular bottle, but what we can say for sure is it can be nerve-wracking and frustrating for every product. However, parents should be aware that the reasons behind your baby rejecting a bottle might be physiologic.

The stage your baby finds himself right now is the trial and error stage, but trust me when I say every parent and child will get through this. Furthermore, you should be thinking right now about the best possible way to adopt when feeding your baby using a bottle.

If a baby has been latched once, it will be difficult for such a baby to accept any bottle, and refusing a feeding bottle means babies will not gain from the benefits of feeding babies using a bottle. Babies breastfeed for several reasons, and the same applies when they refuse to feed using a bottle.

This rejection might result from the difficulty in sucking the nipples, or your baby might need to be nursed to sleep due to certain discomforts that have nothing to do with nourishment.

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Other reasons a baby might turn down a feeding bottle include;

  • If the baby needs comfort
  • If the baby is tired
  • If the baby is growing and requires a supply
  • If the baby is overwhelmed

However, we recommend when a baby starts rejecting a feeding bottle to allow a relative or someone else to try feeding the baby. There are instances where babies refuse bottles from their mom or even collect a sippy cup.

Such a baby might prefer being nursed by her dad, so the dad will be the one tasked with finding the right nipple for his little one.

Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottle Reviews

1. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

The Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle comes with a natural nipple shape, combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding easy for babies, and its wide breast shape encourages latch-on in babies. Children will get the same reaction and feeling similar to that of their mother’s breast when feeding with this bottle.

We find it interesting that this bottle’s AirFlex valve is integrated right inside this bottle’s nipple to cut down on so many feeding issues. There are so many flow rates this bottle offers babies, while its slow-flow nipple makes it ideal for all babies.


  • Babies will find this bottle helpful as it grows with babies
  • Its design helps it transform into a sippy cup
  • The nipple’s shape and size make it easy for babies to latch onto this bottle.


  • Mothers complained of leakages

2. Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottle

The next guide we want to discuss in this review is the Nanobebe Breastmilk baby bottle designed to encourage babies to connect with it. Its double warming action ensures that babies are satisfied when feeding with this bottle.

Transitioning from bottles to breastfeeding is easy using this bottle, and interestingly, this bottle boasts of having a two times fast cooling action which prevents the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, there is a slow flow feeding rate for babies that fights against baby gas and colic, and safety is one feature parents need to sure of when shopping for a feeding bottle.

This bottle is completely safe as it is made using non-harmful materials that guarantee no harm will come to your baby, and this bottle comes with a breast pump for pumping milk directly into this bottle.


  • It warms up fast like its description claims
  • Cleaning up this bottle is easy
  • It fights against the growth of bacteria


  • Its insecure bottom causes leakages
  • Babies need to be held in a certain position to feed themselves with this bottle.

3. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby

The Lansinoh brand is a trustworthy brand renowned for the making of high-quality baby bottles. What mothers love most about this bottle is its NaturalWave nipple design that reduces nipple confusion in babies.

Using the same natural feeding action when breastfeeding babies is what this bottle offers babies, ensuring that they breastfeed for long, and it boasts of having a unique venting system that cuts down on your little child’s gas intake.

Taking in too much gas tends to cause spit-up and colic in babies, so this bottle’s unique venting system fights against spit-up and colic in babies. Feeding babies with this bottle promotes natural tongue movement, while its one-piece nipple is easy for mothers to clean.

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  • Feeding babies using this bottle is easy and convenient
  • Its nipple has a soft skin-like design that mimics that of a mom
  • It helps babies with stomach sensitivity issues and reflux


  • It is a bit pricey

4. Dr. Brown’s Options Slow Flow Bottle Set

This cute-looking baby bottle from Dr. Brown comes with a fully vented design that aids digestion in babies and preserves baby nutrients. We find exciting about this bottle is its narrow base design that encourages total nipple engagement in babies.

There are minimal or no leakage issues using this bottle as it comes with storage caps for traveling and storing up this bottle, and parents can count on its slow flow nipples, which offers a controlled level of feeding in babies. The bottle, its pacifier, and nipples are all dishwasher safe.


  • It slows down feeding for less fuss and gas
  • It gets rid of every hiccups complaint in babies
  • It isn’t hard to clean


  • It leaks while feeding your baby

5. Olababy Gentle Baby Bottle

The final baby bottle we want to talk about in this detailed review is from the Olababy brand, and this is a bottle with a nipple that mimics that of a mother’s breast to make latching easy for babies.

Its nipple design ensures babies accept this bottle for feeding, while its dual venting anti-colic system eliminates air ingestion. Minimizing leftover residue, creating an upside feeling, and promoting continuous milk flow are some of the benefits that this bottle offers mother and child.

Its non-toxic material construction makes it one hundred percent safe for babies. Having a wide neck design makes it easy to clean, while its smooth texture makes gripping this bottle easy for babies.


  • Babies find it hard to reject this bottle
  • Its nipple placement is excellent
  • It has a lightweight design


  • Screwing this bottle to close is a bit difficult

How To Shop For Bottle Nipples For Feeding Babies

A parent has to consider a couple of things when shopping for a suitable bottle for breastfeeding their baby. The first will be to identify if the child has health or psychological concerns before settling for any baby bottle.

The good news about dealing with a child who rejects a bottle for feeding is that the baby will still accept a bottle for feeding only when the best bottles are used. Mothers might find it overwhelming and stressful if it is their first baby, and everything is still new to them.

When searching for a bottle for your little prince or princess, there are dozens of products you will come across on the market. The truth is that all of these bottles might work, but some bottles are designed to work far better than other bottles.

Understanding why a baby refuses or rejects a bottle is essential, and you will find out that it might not be as difficult as it seemed initially. Disguising a bottle to see if your baby will accept it works sometimes, and you can start by wrapping the bottle in your cloth, so your baby might think he is still getting breastfed.

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