Top Five Best Child Kitchen Sets 2021

Play kitchens are one of the best ways parents can bring out the creativity in their kids. These kitchen sets come with the best utensils or tools that expand a child’s imagination, boost motor skills, enhance cooperation, and speeds up a child’s development.

Getting kids the best child kitchen set will help them practice what they have seen their parents do in the kitchen while cooking, and it doesn’t matter whether the role they imagine playing is picking up the phone and receiving meal orders.

The child kitchen set means kids will be able to play for long hours while having fun at the same time, and be rest assured that all of their toy animals and dolls will be well fed using meals from their kitchen set.

Allowing kids to play freely in the kitchen might not necessarily be a good idea, and that’s why there is the child kitchen set to help them explore whatever idea they have in their heads. You never can tell; you might just be raising the next best chef in town, and to keep your kids busy at all times, consider going for the best child kitchen set that will not just make your homes adorable but entertainment-filled.

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Best Child Kitchen Set – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best child kitchen set

There are so many benefits a child stands to gain by playing with the best child kitchen set, so let’s take you through some of the pros that come with purchasing a child kitchen set for your little prince and princess.

  • Play kitchens prove to be long-lasting investments that kids will not easily get rid of. In the initial stage, toddlers might derive satisfaction from just hitting the pans and pots, but they’ll be running a restaurant using the same child kitchen set after few years. It enables them to bond and play with their friends some more, and even though most kitchen sets are recommended for ages three and above, one or two years old also show interest in joining in on the fun.
  • Something good about the child kitchen set is it always creates room for parents to add something new. It could either be adding new cupcake sets, new sets of pots and pans, more vegetables and fruits, and another sandwich-making kit. Equipping a child kitchen set might get parents carried away, and these child kitchen sets today boasts of good storage setup, and they can be cleaned up easily at the end of the day to avoid putting up with stains and dirt.
  • Just like adults, kids always find time to move to the kitchen. It feels like the best place for them to play at the moment.
  • The child kitchen set is a better interactive way to introduce and teach kids about the kitchen in general. Kids would learn more about colors, counting, cooking, and other things if they are constantly found in the kitchen. However, do not be surprised when your find your little one trying to arrange every item in your fridge. ‘
  • Toy accessories and kitchens double as the best gift or holiday items for little kids.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your child has a playmate or plays alone; you will be surprised at how busy playing with a kitchen set will make him.
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Top 5 Best Child Kitchen Set Reviews

1. iPlay, iLearn Kids Play Kitchen Toys Accessories Set

The iPlay, iLearn kids toy kitchen set is the first and bestseller kids toy kitchen product on the market, and the first thing you would notice about this toy set is its ABS plastic construction that makes it suitable for kids to play with.

It tells you that kids’ health and safety are a primary concern, and interestingly, this toy kitchen set comes with a colorful vegetable and fruit that kids can peel when playing. Amazingly, kids will be open to a realistic idea about cooking by playing with this kitchen set. Parents can count on this child’s kitchen set to boost kids’ creativity, dexterity and enhance imagination.


  • Kids love this cooking set.
  • It is a well-made, sturdy, and neat kitchen toy set.
  • It is one of the best gift items for kids.


  • None

2. Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set

The next product on this guide is the Tovla Jr Kids Cooking And Baking Gift Set, and just like the first product discussed in this guide, the safety of kids was taken into consideration. These toys are made using food-grade and non-toxic materials, ensuring no harm comes to your little one.

Kids will find these toys amazing as they come in light blue and white colors, making them appealing to the eyes, and surprisingly, kids can finally learn how to make their own recipes, thanks to the yummy recipe card this toy set comes with.

Everything a child needs to play within the kitchen is right inside this package, and by reading and following easy-to-understand instructions, your little princes and princesses might be on their way to becoming the next big chef in town.


  • It is a great quality toy kitchen set.
  • It boasts amazing customer service.
  • Babies will learn how to cut with a knife using this toy set.
  • Completely safe for kids


  • There are complaints about these items being poorly made.

3. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Parents love the Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen because it comes with pretend stovetop burner that produces electronic sounds and light to make cooking extra fun. In addition, there is a coffee maker station that helps kids pretend like they are making a cup of coffee.

This toy kitchen set sounds interesting already, and it comes with a molded swivel faucet and sinks where kids can pretend to wash dishes after eating. It also boasts of a hanging storage design so that kids can have access to utensils with ease. An extra storage compartment makes cleaning up at the end of the day easy, while its storage bin area houses other necessary items that you will use some other time.


  • Putting this toy together is so much fun.
  • Having this toy kitchen set means having a happy family.
  • It boasts of lots of functions.
  • It is built to be sturdy.


  • It requires using a drill to put this kitchen toy together quickly.

4. Shimfun Play Kitchen Accessories

Next are the Shimfun Play Kitchen Accessories with accessories and designs that will encourage your kids to be the next master of cuisine. Inside this toy set, kids will have access to sets of pans, pots, meats, bread, juices, pizzas, and so much more, and these toys are designed not to have sharp edges, ensuring that kids are safe playing with these toys.

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They are also made out of safe and non-toxic materials for added safety, and all of these kitchen accessories come in vibrant colors that kids will find engaging and exciting. Every kitchen toy here boasts exceptional material quality, and that tells you kids have found a toy set they will not get tired of using.


  • Its accessories are good-looking.
  • Its storage bag helps in storing up items easily for kids.
  • These items boast various designs and colors.


  • Its pots and pans are a bit smaller.

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5. Binken Kids Play Kitchen Picnic Playset

The last product we want to show you is the Binken Kids Kitchen Playset, and even though this kitchen toy set isn’t from a known or popular brand, it has already started earning some great reviews online.

This kitchen set is considered a multi-purpose kitchen set that comes with all kitchen utensils your child will like to play with, and babies will be thrilled while playing with this child kitchen set as it features realistic sound and lights effects spice things up.

This kitchen set comes in a portable basket, so packing all the accessories and utensils will not be difficult after playing. Kids are allowed to take this toy set along when going on picnics or family vacations. It is another way of improving bonding among families.


  • This kitchen set will keep kids entertained for hours.
  • It is portable and has a cute look.
  • The best gift item for a 3-year old


  • None

Best Child Kitchen Set Buying Guide

The best place for kids and toddlers to play together is the toy kitchen, and playing with the toy kitchen means kids will be able to learn about new kitchen utensils, enhance their creativity, and end up like their dad and mom cooks together.

Toy kitchen sets are best for practicing fine motor skills, carrying out plans, improving creativity, and cooperating with other kids. However, when shopping for a good toy kitchen set, you should be careful with the options you intend to choose from.

Parents shouldn’t opt for toy kitchen sets that look nice, but they should go for a high-quality product. Toy kitchens that your kids won’t get tired to play with, safe to use, easy to assemble, functional, and positively affect them is what parents should consider going for.

The interesting thing about this guide is it contains the best products on the market right now, which will get them feeling like the latest chefs in town. These products feature some of the best kitchen items and guarantees keeping your child busy for hours.

Final Note

We hope that after getting to this point in this guide, you should have found one unique product from the few we have brought you that will help keep the fire burning for cooking and eating in your baby.

The best products we have listed in this guide will set up your little one for long hours of dramatic play and know that you should not settle for anything less than a high-quality product, affordable and has all the styles you need from it.

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