Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers

When your little one gets to the age of exploring and walking, it will be best for you to protect them from doors that lead to the bathroom, backyard, kitchen, and other places that might not be safe for them. If it is difficult for them to reach doorknobs, they risk locking the doors without having an adult around to look or protect them.

You need the best child-proof doorknob covers to prevent your child from opening doors that only adults should open, and child-proof doorknobs are very safe since they are mostly made of plastic.

Some parents do not see the need for having a childproof doorknob cover, but this guide will explain why you should if you fall in the category of parents who don’t see the need.

Why You Need A Child Proof Door Knob Cover

If you have a toddler or toddlers at home, having a childproof doorknob is the right thing for you to do because of the following reasons;

  • It helps keep toddlers out of places you likely do not want them to be, including the backyard, basement, bathrooms, kitchen, and pool.
  • Toddlers are likely to lock themselves in a room you do not want them to be, or they might lock you out of a room you want to be in. A child-proof doorknob cover helps in preventing this.
  • Sometimes, a toddler might have their tiny finger stuck in the hinges or doorknob. Another reason why you need a child-proof doorknob cover is to keep toddlers safe.

Sometimes, your babies start getting very good at opening doors, and you need to adopt new measures to counter their newfound behavior. Doorknob covers are designed to go over doorknobs, making it difficult for toddlers with little hands to open them up.

They are recommended for parents afraid their baby might eventually open and have access to rooms they shouldn’t be in or wander off. There are so many child-proof doorknobs on the market, and choosing the right one is very important.

Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers – Buying Guide

best child proof door knob covers

Doors and doorknobs are potentially dangerous for toddlers to access, and you will never know the importance of having a childproof doorknob cover until you have a toddler in your house.

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many reasons why you should have a child-proof doorknob cover installed on your doorknob, but two main reasons why you should have them instead on your doorknob is to ensure kids do not play and have access to some doors. They are also installed on doorknobs to ensure they do not get injured while playing.

Failing to use baby-proofing items like a child-proof doorknob cover means there is a huge tendency that your children would cut themselves, bruise themselves, get injured while playing with nails, and many other instances.

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No matter how overprotective parents are with their kids, there are moments when you might not have your eyes on them. When a moment like this comes, parents will love to ensure their kids are okay in their absence. Making the house entirely safe gives parents peace of mind when they are away from their kids.

The truth about doorknobs is various doorknob covers are made using different types of rubber, and the child-proof doorknob cover you use depends on what doorknob you have in your house and what you want to benefit from it. This guide on the best child-proof doorknob covers will make shopping easy for parents, so they can make their homes safe for toddlers.

Tips On Choosing The Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers

Several doorknob covers on the market might make shopping very difficult for parents, but trust these tips to make the search easy for you.

  • You must pick a doorknob cover compatible with the doorknob you have in your home because not all safety covers will fit all the doorknobs in your home.
  • Size should be another factor that you look out for when searching for a doorknob cover because you want a doorknob cover that will properly fit the doorknob. It should not be too small or too big, or the door will also be difficult for adults to open the door.
  • Quality and safety should be considered when shopping for doorknob covers, and they should be easy to fix and remove
  • Reusable child proof door knob covers are ideal for babies
  • Getting a value pack is cost-effective when shopping for a childproof doorknob cover
  • You should compare child proof door knob covers in terms of prices, types, and safety features

Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers Reviews

1. EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

The EUDEMON safety door knob covers boast of the combination of a special double button design and soft material that boosts an increased level of friction with the doorknob, and opening the door requires you to press the double button before turning the doorknob.

Installing this child-proof doorknob cover is very simple as it doesn’t require the use of special tools, and you can trust the installation process of this doorknob not to cause any harm to your door. You need the EUDEMON doorknob cover to ensure babies do not open some doors without adult supervision. The EUDEMON door knob cover is made using safe materials that will not cause any harm to your baby.


  • This product is straightforward to use
  • Its installation is fast and easy
  • They don’t feel cheaply made


  • Babies still found a way to open some doors despite installing this doorknob cover.

2. Door Knob Covers – 4 Pack

This door knob cover effectively deterring babies from getting locked in a room or opening certain doors where you don’t want them to be, and one interesting feature of this doorknob is that it is designed to be compatible with most standard spherical doors.

We love this doorknob cover because it will fit more doorknobs than other products on the market, and this doorknob comes with an unobtrusive and subdued design that makes it fit blends your room design. Finally, this doorknob cover comes with a lifetime warranty.

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  • They are effective in keeping kids out of certain areas
  • They fit just fine
  • Their plastic material construction makes them safe


  • It doesn’t stay firm on doorknobs

3. QT BABY Universal Fit Door Knob Covers

The QT Baby, universal fit doorknob covers, is designed to keep babies safe, as it prevents babies from going into rooms where you will not want them to, and its special and universal design ensures it blends with the interior decoration of your room.

This door knob cover has an enormous size that won’t fit a baby’s hands, but it will be easy for adults to open. It boasts a double button design that increases the friction between the doorknob cover and the doorknob, and this door is compatible with most standard spherical doorknobs. Installing and removing this doorknob doesn’t require the use of any special tool.


  • This is a great value doorknob cover that is easy to use
  • It offers parents peace of mind
  • It is easy to install


  • Not all parents found this doorknob cover easy to use

4. Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

This door knob cover from the GRENFU brand boasts of a new shape and structure that effectively stops kids from gaining access to so many house areas. Interestingly, this doorknob cover comes with removal holes, making it simple for adults to access doors.

Kids cannot open doorknobs with this doorknob cover installed on them, and you can trust this doorknob cover to be compatible with spherical doorknobs. Its size holes increase, making it simple for adults to open this door, and parents don’t have anything to be worried about as this doorknob is made using high-quality and safe materials. This door knob cover is free from pollution, odorless, and non-toxic.


  • This door knob cover fits average and large size doorknobs
  • This is one of the easiest child proof door knob covers on the market
  • It keeps babies safe and out of restricted rooms


  • Aligning this doorknob cover is a bit difficult

5. Little Chicks Door Knob Covers

The little chick’s doorknob cover is designed to snap into place when used on most standard doors; interestingly, this doorknob cover comes with holes for accessing doors. Its locking push buttons make operating this door very easily, and adults will have no issue turning and gripping this doorknob.

Children will have difficulty turning a doorknob with this doorknob cover on it, and reusing it is possible. Reusing this doorknob cover makes it easy for parents to move it from one doorknob to another. Finally, installing and removing this doorknob doesn’t require the use of special tools.


  • This door knob cover is functional
  • Its installation is a fast and easy process
  • It prevents toddlers from sneaking from one room to another


  • Some parents complained this doorknob cover feels too flimsy

Final Note

Ensuring your child’s safety is the crucial reason you need the best child-proof doorknob cover, so you must check the features of the products we discussed in this guide. It will be a wise investment if you have child-proof doorknob covers installed on your doorknobs to limit how freely your child explores or walks. Good luck.

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