Best Formula For Colic And Gas

It is heartbreaking for every parent to watch their baby weep uncontrollably every night, and the fact that the weeping continues every night for weeks makes this scene unbearable for babies to watch. The unavoidable question asks, ‘what could be the cause of this pitiable scene’?

There are suggestions that the weeping might result from colic and gas, and if that is the case, what can be done to help deal with the situation?

Pediatricians recommend the best formula for colic and gas as a solution to your baby crying every night. Even though there seems to be a solution, how can a parent identify a good formula for their baby? The presence of gas might prompt colic in babies, and gas and colic issues affect every little child at some stage in their life.

It doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, and even though gassy issues affect babies at any age, it frequently occurs in young babies and newborn babies. This painful condition occurs mostly in a baby’s gut, at the age of one to four months, and in other cases, babies tend to suffer more from environmental factors, which also fuels more symptoms of gas in babies.

A weeping attack in babies is considered colic, and when it happens in infants, it comes in the form of abdominal pain. This prevalent disorder is common in one out of five babies and happens during their first few months on earth.

Many reasons cause a baby to scream, including cold, hunger, need to change diaper, heat, and tiredness. It doesn’t matter whether an infant is well cared for, given a nice bath, or well-fed; the baby might still end up weeping.

The problem might be colic if your baby is healthy but goes on to cry uncontrollably. For many parents, caring for a baby suffering and struggling with colic can be very exhausting, overwhelming, challenging, heartbreaking, and draining.

Physicians urge doctors to relax as colic stages in babies will pass, but finding the best formula for colic and gas remains the ultimate solution.

Best Formula For Colic And Gas – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Formula For Colic And Gas

Some researchers think that colic arises when food isn’t properly digested in a baby’s stomach or if food moves too fast in a baby’s stomach. However, there are other ideas that colic happens due to babies taking so much time to adapt to life on earth, while other people think colic has something in common with a baby’s temperament.

However, no clear lines differentiate a baby crying due to colic from a baby crying naturally. Still, most doctors believe that colic weeping differs from a baby’s, as it goes on for about three hours or more.

Best Formula For Colic And Gas Review

1. Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula

The Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula is one baby formula that has the clinical backing when it comes to dealing with fussiness, gas, and colic in babies, and this is one formula moms will be impressed with as it comes with easy to digest proteins that go easy on your baby’s digestive system.

This formula contains the required DHA and other important nutrients for your baby’s brain development in terms of nutrients. We also like this baby formula because it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients but ingredients that will go gently on a baby’s sensitive tummy.


  • It works well for babies with colic and gas
  • It aids digestion in babies
  • It goes gently on your baby’s stomach
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  • Its seal was broken when delivered
  • Parents complained about its bitter taste

2. Gerber Good Start Soothe (HMO) Non, GMO Powder Infant Formula

The Gerber Good Start Infant Powder Formula is another high-quality and highly recommended baby formula that boasts of having soothing nutrition that helps ease colic and gas, fussiness, excessive crying, and other discomforts in babies.

This formula contains probiotics, prebiotics, and comfort proteins which increase the number of good bacteria in a baby’s body, making it a trustworthy product in calming down your baby’s uncomfortable tummy issues.

It is a cool formula for babies compared to breast milk, and it also boasts of having safe ingredients that will provide babies with great nutritional content.


  • There is lesser fussiness and spit-ups in babies who consume this formula
  • It works effectively in healing the digestive system
  • This formula helps the baby say goodbye to constant screaming and crying


  • Some parents claimed it caused constipation in babies.

3. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Ready to Use Baby Formula

The next Enfamil product to find its way to this guide is the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula which provides babies with a fast relief action from fussiness, colic, crying, and gas, and you can count on this baby formula to provide babies with the right nutritional contents for their growth and development.

Interestingly, this formula contains DHA, which is found mostly in breast milk. It tells you that this baby formula provides babies with brain-building nutrition, unlike other baby formulas on the market. In addition, it doesn’t contain GMOs, making it safe for your baby’s consumption, while it’s easy to digest proteins make it your baby’s favorite baby formula.


  • It is easy to take and digest
  • It is convenient for babies
  • It gets rid of stomach discomfort in babies


  • The baby formula is overpriced
  • It has a bitter taste

4. Enfamil Nutramigen Infant Formula

Up next to find its way to this well-detailed guide is another baby formula from the Enfamil brand, and what we have here is the Enfamil Nutramigen Infant Formula which has been clinically proven to help babies suffering from colic and gas, fussiness, reflux, digestive issues, and other stomach issues.

Providing relief to the conditions we have mentioned is what this baby formula is all about. Surprisingly, it comes with baby probiotics, which helps reduce future allergy in babies. In addition, this formula is free from lactose, making it the best choice for lactose intolerant babies, and it is well formulated to provide babies with the right amount of nutrition for about twelve months.


  • It eradicates milk allergies.
  • It makes babies happy and deals with stomach discomfort in babies
  • Impressive customer service


  • Customers complained of a price hike in five days
  • They poorly delivered this product

5. Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula

The final formula we want to recommend for mothers is the Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula which comes with the right blend of nutrients required for a baby’s brain development, and if your baby has a sensitive tummy,,, trust this baby formula to go gently on it.

Eliminating colic, gas, fussiness, and stomach upset in babies is what this baby formula helps parents achieve, and coming in a 1.41-pound container provides babies with up to a month’s supply. This baby formula is recommended by pediatricians, while its safe ingredient combination makes it the safest and excellent choice for babies.


  • It came nicely and neatly packaged
  • It has a soft smell
  • It gets rid of stomach discomforts in babies


  • Buyers claimed this product is different from the one at Walmart

Symptoms And Causes Of Colic

Doctors have yet to discover the leading cause of colic in babies, but physicians believe babies suffering from colic are intolerant to cow milk. However, that idea changed when breastfed babies also suffered from colic. Still, breastfed babies are at an advantage because of the nutritional modifications of breast milk, which helps provide natural relief for colic.

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Quitting cow milk and removing caffeine brings about a positive change that comforts babies. Listed below are few scenarios that can trigger colic in babies.

  • A sensitive temperament that causes babies to desire attention.
  • Mothers who have smoked during pregnancy or childbirth might cause colic in their babies.
  • If a baby isn’t well-fed or feels very hungry.
  • Bottle-fed babies might be intolerant to certain enzymes a formula carries or contains.
  • If a baby is fed in a rush.
  • If a baby is overfed.

How can you tell when your baby is suffering from colic. Unfortunately, there are few symptoms to alert parents their child is affected by colic, which are listed below.

  • Despite being well-fed, a baby cries uncontrollably for several hours for no apparent reason.
  • If a baby cries mostly at night or during a particular time of the day.
  • If a baby cries for about three hours every day, three times a week, it goes on for about three weeks.
  • If a baby makes more noise than usual, especially a high-pitched noise, higher than in healthy babies.
  • Despite rocking and feeding your baby, your baby refuses soothing.

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Considerations When Shopping For The Best Formula For Colic And Gas

This section will discuss some essential features every parent needs to consider when shopping for suitable baby formula.

  • Parents should shop for easy-to-digest formulas, which refer to formulas that babies easily break down. They also get dissolved easily in the stomach.
  • Formulas with limited lactose quantity are suitable for babies that are lactose intolerant. It is either the formula doesn’t have lactose at all, or it is lactose deficient.
  • Since every parent wants what’s best for their babies, a formula with the right vitamin and nutrient balance is a wise choice.
  • Formulas that are in the ready-to-eat form are highly recommended for babies with colic and gas.

Final Thoughts

Babies are considered every parent’s little angel, so looking after them is what every parent is tasked to do. However, when a child struggles with colic and gas, it isn’t just the baby that is affected but also the parents.

To give everyone the peace of mind and rest they deserve, trust the formula for colic and gas that we discussed in this guide to provide babies with the instant relief they desire. Formulas with DHA are highly recommended, as they are essential for brain development in babies.

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