Best Game Console For 3 Year Old

We live in an era where the use of technology cannot be overlooked, and this has caused kids to spend more time playing virtually, rather than going out to play. Do you think all gaming devices will be ideal for a three year old kid? You guessed right, all gaming devices can’t be ideal for a three year old, and that’s why you have this detailed guide on the best game console for 3 year old. Playing video games can be fun not just for kids alone but for the entire family, and we have a lot of tech savvy kids and teens nowadays. There are parents that create spare time out of their busy work schedule to play some video games with their kids.

The problem is there are so many gaming systems to keep up with today for various stages and ages, and if you are a game lover, you will agree with the fact that new games hits the stores almost every week. These are video games kids can’t stop talking about or never get tired of playing, and in recent years, kids have been anticipating the release of more video games, especially the playstation 5. There are Xbox games kids love to play, and getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch Lite or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles proves to be so much fun for kids. When it comes to video games, there are so many to select from, but how do you know that which is suitable for a three year old?

Best Game Console For 3 Year Old

Maybe your son or daughter’s birthday is coming up and he or she has a huge interest in video games. Maybe their love for games was influenced by a friend, or they must have watched someone play an online game on the internet. If you are not an adult gamer and you have no idea about gaming, you will find it difficult to shop for the best game console for 3 year old. You will have no idea about games that have too much adult content, too much violence, or if the game is age appropriate for your little baby.

Best Game Console For 3 Year Old – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Game Console For 3 Year Old

We live in a world where we move around with games in our pockets, computers, and tablets, and you might wonder why shopping for a gaming console is necessary. Well, there are so many good reasons why you should consider shopping for a gaming console, because your kid might prefer a gaming console rather than mobile gaming. This doesn’t matter if the kid is 4 year old, 5 year old, or 2 year old. Mobile games promote impulsive and additive play in kids, and you will not want your child to get addicted to gaming at the age of three. If you spend a sum of money to purchase a pack of gaming digital items, you might be tempted to shop for more later on.

Best Game Console For 3 Year Old Review

1. My Arcade Gamer V Portable – Handheld Gaming System

If a gaming console feels very heavy, it will be difficult for kids to hold. For this reason, we recommend the My Arcade Gamer V portable gaming console that has a lightweight design, ensuring that kids do not feel any pain on their hands when holding this gaming console. Its design ensures kids get all the enjoyment they want, and it comes with an amazing game collection that makes sure kids never get tired of gaming on this handheld gaming console. It also comes with a battery option and a rechargeable battery option, and babies will fall in love with this game, because of its wide and colorful display. When traveling, trust this gaming console to keep your little child busy and occupied.

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  • It comes with a vast game collection
  • It features an easy control system
  • It comes with a battery powered option
  • It has a volume control feature


  • Its build quality is average

2. Handheld Game Console, Retro Mini Game Player

For parents searching for a handheld game console that has what it takes to give their kids the best and amazing gaming experience, the Handheld Retro Mini Game Console promises to do all of that. It comes with over five hundred games that kids will never get tired of playing, and what really interests parents about this game is it comes with an option that allows two players to play. Its widescreen ensures kids have an enjoyable gaming experience, and its battery boasts of a high power capacity that makes it last long. Its high battery capacity provides about six hours of game time for kids, and kids will be occupied with this gaming console, allowing parents the time to get busy with something else.


  • It offers extended playtime
  • It comes with over five hundred games
  • It boasts of enjoyable features


  • It isn’t so durable

3. Handheld Game Console and Portable Charger

This is another game console that can be trusted to provide three year old kids with the best gaming experience ever, and it comes with over four hundred games to select from, making sure that kids never get tired of playing with this gaming console. It has a unique backup power that offers about forty-eight hours of use, and it boasts of safety features that protect against overcharging and short circuits. It comes with a reset button to make a setup of your choice, and kids will enjoy gaming on this gaming console, thanks to its high-resolution screen. This game is made using ABS plastic, and that tells you how durable this gaming console is.


  • It boasts of variety of games
  • It offers a swift gaming experience
  • It comes with an in-built protection system


  • There are no cons yet about this gaming console

4. EASEGMER Handheld Game for Kids

The EASEGAMER handheld games for kids is the next product we want to take a look at, and this is a gaming console that comes in so many color options for you to find one that is perfect for you and your child. It comes with a big screen that will make gaming on this device your kid’s favorite, and what we find interesting about this game is the fact that it can be connected to a big screen, making every game time to be fun. This gaming console comes with an instruction on how to use, while having a lightweight design means there will be no pain or fatigue when your child plays with this gaming console.

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  • It has a suitable size
  • It allows connecting to a big screen
  • Its appearance is amazing


  • It feels a little bit too short for kids

5. LEXiBOOK Portable Handheld Game Console

Most gaming consoles share a similar look, but that is different when you take a look at the LEXIBOOK portable handheld game console. It boasts of an impressive and unique look, and kids will always be attracted to this game console, thanks to its attractive and colorful design. There are so many gaming options to select from, it offers an extended game time, and all of these will ensure kids get occupied with this device. It comes with an in-built speaker that offers great volume control when gaming, and having a colorful screen means kids will never get tired of playing their favorite games on this gaming console.


  • This is very easy to play
  • It has a handy design
  • It offers an exceptional volume control feature


  • This gaming console isn’t popular
  • It has an average build quality

Quick Gaming Console Tip

The difference between gaming consoles and video games is gaming consoles tend to have higher graphics and complexities compared to video games. Gaming consoles challenge kids to solve problems, offer a robust playing session, and more.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Gaming Console For A 3 Year Old

It is very troublesome when you want to shop for a new item for your kid, and parents should bear in mind that making a slight mistake when shopping for a new item for a kid might end up causing a bigger problem. In order to avoid this from happening when shopping for a gaming console for a three year old child, the following factors should be taken into consideration as they will help in making a perfect choice.

Game Type

What game types does your child enjoy playing? Does your child love adventure or arcades? You need to have a good idea of the types of games your child love to play before you hit the market or you might end up making a wrong choice. If you intend to play this game with your child, consider if the game matches your preference or not.


When it comes to shopping for a new item, everyone has a budget on how they are willing to spend. Usually, kids gaming consoles are not very expensive, but comparing prices and specifications will help in selecting a gaming console your child will like.


If a gaming console doesn’t perform well, kids will not play even for a short period of time. This is why parents must shop for a gaming console with an LCD screen display and best graphic display that will provide kids with an amazing playing experience. Kids will not feel less about the gaming console if it provides an enjoyable gaming experience, so making a research about a game’s performance will also help in finding the best gaming console for your three year old.


A portable gaming console will enable your little child to take this game anywhere, and portable games are good for travelling, as it helps in keeping kids busy.

Wrapping It Up

If you have gotten to this point in this interesting review, you are now familiar with our top five gaming console products for three year olds. We urge you to remember every piece of information we have talked about in this guide as they will guide you in making a well informed decision.

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