Top 5 Best Goat Milk Formula

The big decision parents will face when taking care of a newborn baby is deciding whether to breastfeed the baby or bottle-feed the baby. Of course, both methods have pros and cons, but decisions should be based on what works best for any baby and parent.

Bottle feeding a baby means picking the best formula that will be perfect for the baby, and if the baby is allergic or has sensitivity issues with cow milk, it falls on the parent to shop for the best goat milk formula. Goat milk formulas are healthy alternatives if a baby is not okay with cow milk, but finding a goat milk formula isn’t easy.

However, parents should consider talking to their baby’s doctor before switching from a cow milk formula to a goat milk formula. It provides an easy option of knowing what goat milk formula to switch to.

After discussing with your baby’s doctor and you are asked to go ahead, the goat milk formula you opt to settle for should have the right amount of natural and organic ingredients for your baby’s safety and consumption. However, parents should ensure that the goat milk formula they are opting for is best suited for babies aged one year and younger, so it will provide them with all of its nutritional benefits.

Checking if the goat milk formula has exceeded its expiry date is the right thing to do, and we advise that experimenting with few brands is a wise thing to do. Experimenting with various brands tells you what goat milk formula will be best for your little prince or princess.

You will gather extra information on which goat milk formula offers additional nutritional benefits.

Best Goat Milk Formula – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Goat Milk Formula

Can Babies With Milk Protein Intolerance Consume Goat Milk Formula?

Your baby has an intolerance to a protein found in cow milk when you start noticing fussiness while feeding him with cow milk, and it is even more dangerous when your baby is allergic to cow milk. It could be a life-threatening condition, and this condition requires parents to search for the best milk formula alternative for their child.

Even though there is still ongoing research about goat milk formulas, previous studies on goat milk research proved that goat milk formulas are digested easily in a baby’s stomach. However, some babies are intolerant to cow milk and goat milk too, so the right thing a parent should do is pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in every baby.

Best Goat Milk Formula Review

1. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

The Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula boasts a dutch goat milk ingredient that a baby’s tummy will find easy to digest. Interestingly, this goat milk is formulated with twenty-two vitamins and minerals. It also includes iron, DHA, and vitamin D.

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The Kabrita goat milk formula can be used for weaning and supplementing, and it can be used as an alternative to cow milk formula. If a child has sensitivity issues to cow-milk formula, the Kabrita goat milk formula is a great option to settle for, and its fresh, mild, and sweet taste makes it the number goat milk formula for babies.


  • This goat milk formula helps in dealing with baby eczema
  • It makes babies healthier and happier
  • It mixes perfectly with water
  • It helps in dealing with colic and reflux


  • None

2. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula, 14 Ounce

Another Kabrita goat milk formula to make it to this interesting guide. This goat milk formula is considered safe and healthy for babies as it doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

It has a mild, fresh, and sweet taste that makes it difficult for babies to reject this goat milk formula, and its dutch goat milk ingredients are straightforward for babies to digest. If you want a high-quality goat milk formula or weaning, supplementing, or alternative to cow-milk formula, the Kabrita goat milk formula is a perfect option for all parents.


  • It goes gentle on a baby’s tender stomach
  • It helps babies to gain healthy weight
  • It makes babies stronger and healthier


  • None

3. Kabrita Goat Milk-Based, Toddler Formula, 14 Ounce (Pack of 3)

For babies struggling with sensitivity after consuming cow milk formulas, the best option for them is the Kabrita Goat milk-based toddler formula. It is very safe for a baby’s consumption as it doesn’t have artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, and having a fresh, sweet, and mild taste makes it ideal for consumption.
If you are looking for a goat milk formula you can use as an alternative for cow milk formulas, the Kabrita Goat Milk-Based toddler formula proves to be a perfect choice for babies, and you can also count on this goat milk formula for weaning and supplementing in babies.


  • This goat milk formula doesn’t cause stomach upset in babies
  • It doesn’t cause spit-ups or gas in babies


  • Parents complained this goat milk formula is way too expensive.

4. Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

The Meyenberg brand is not popular, but lately, they have been earning good and positive remarks from parents who have tried out the Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk for babies. Parents love this goat milk formula because of its gourmet taste, and just like the Kabrita goat milk formula, babies will find the Meyenberg goat milk formula easy to digest.

It provides the body with essentials vitamins like Vitamin D, and making babies healthy and happy is what this goat milk formula helps parents achieve. You can add it to a family’s diet too.


  • It gets rid of tummy issues in babies
  • It arrived fresh and timely
  • Its creamy quality is excellent


  • It isn’t easy to find in stores

5. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula, 31.7 oz

Finally, the last product makes its way to this interesting review, and we are rounding up this detailed guide with a goat milk formula from the Kabrita brand. The Kabrita formula is trusted and accepted by so many parents today, and this is based on the fact that it is safe for babies.

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It has no artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. It contains twenty-two vitamins and minerals vital for a baby’s growth and development, while some other nutrient it contains includes, DHA, vitamin D, and iron.

This goat milk formula is ideal for weaning as an alternative to cow milk formula in babies, and it’s used for supplementing. Having a fresh, sweet, and mild taste makes babies love this goat milk formula, and its dutch goat milk ingredients are widely accepted so many babies because it digests easily in the stomach.


  • It is healthy for babies, and it has a great taste
  • Babies are tolerant to this goat milk formula
  • It is perfect for lactose intolerant babies
  • It eliminates fussiness in babies


  • No cons for now

Protein In Goat Milk Formula

A goat milk formula capable of meeting all of your baby’s nutritional requirements is the best goat milk formula for your child. The nutritional requirements include protein that is essential for every child’s growth and development.

The protein gotten from cow whey milk is different and digested differently from that gotten in goat whey milk, and in some babies, higher whey content makes it easy for him to tolerate the formula.

Fat Molecules

One essential nutrient a baby’s body needs is fat, and this is based on the fact that fat is pivotal to a baby’s growth and development. It also helps in the supply of calories needed by a baby’s body to grow, and in goat milk formula, there are enough fat amounts similar to the balance found in breast milk.

In addition, the fat in goat milk formulas is smaller than the fat in cow milk formulas, making it easy for fat molecules in the stomach to be absorbed easily, and used efficiently in the body.

Goat Milk Formula Vs. Cow Milk Formula

When choosing the right and best formula for your baby, there is no wrong or right answer. Every parent should ensure that the milk formula they are opting for is best and healthy for their baby. The milk formula should contain all of the essential nutrients a baby needs, so if a baby is intolerant to cow milk and the option of breastfeeding isn’t on the table, opting for a goat milk formula is the wise thing to do.

If you sleep beside your little prince or princess, having a milk formula in hand is vital because you have to be prepared for nighttime feeding, and this is crucial for mothers having issues with breastfeeding their babies.

The truth is shopping for goat milk formulas is a very tedious task since they are difficult to come by, and they have high prices compared to traditional milk formulas. However, parents should pay close attention to the pros and cons involved before making up their minds on just any milk formula.

Goat milk formulas are not widely accepted or used yet, making it difficult to find them on the market, but this guide has brought to you some healthy choices you can trust.

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