Best Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding

It will be interesting for you to know that even though breastfeeding might seem normal and natural, it still doesn’t feel natural all the time. This unnatural feeling is always there, especially when the nipple is bleeding, itchy, chapped, or dried.

There is something referred to as the adjustment period, and a lot of pain can be witnessing during proper and latching positions, the essence of using the best nipple cream for breastfeeding on the market. It is because of the relief it offers, and it also offers a learning curve for feeding babies the right and precise way.

Please do not go alone when shopping for the best nipple creams, and if you are going through some pain presently, ensure that you reach out to a lactating consultant for support and guidance.

Best Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding

Choosing A Nipple Cream

There are so many choices to select from when shopping for nipple cream, but if you do not want to end up with a terrible product, we will like you to consider the following factors thoroughly. Here are some of the factors or features that you can consider when shopping for nipple cream.


Putting a liquid on your nipple gets ingested by your little one, and it doesn’t matter how long it would take before finishing up with the liquid he just finished ingesting. Before feeding your child with any baby food, ensure you go through this label on its body, and if the product is classified as safe, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. There are numerous creams on the marker that contains plant-based and organic materials, and feeding your child with such food is going to put the parent’s mind at rest as well.

Lanolin is also another material that you must have heard of, but it is possible that the Lanolin material can be used as a go-to cure for so many decades. Of course, there is always the fear of swearing that you use the Lanolin material or don’t. When shopping, make sure you settle for a pure grade hypoallergenic lanolin product free of additives and preservatives.


Another factor that you have to consider when shopping for a nipple cream carefully is consistency. Trust me, you do not need any form of discomfort when feeding your child, so it will be okay if you go for a product that makes it easy to glide easily down the body.

Parents might find it hard to apply sticky and thick creams, while others might end up rubbing off on your nursing bra, leaving a sticky stain behind. If you want to deal with staining, shopping for nursing pads won’t be a great idea, and if you apply the nipple cream before eating, your little prince or princess might be distracted from eating.

Smell And Taste

The smell and taste of a nipple cream depend on the ingredients used in making the nipple cream. Most babies do not have an issue with the smell and taste of nipple cream, but just by looking at your baby’s face, you can easily tell if he is enjoying it or not.

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Best Nipple Creams For Soothing And Instant Relief

1. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding

We are kicking off this review with a special product from the Lasinoh brand, and as popular as this nipple cream is, hospitals tend to give it out to new mothers for free after delivery. What we love about the Lasinoh nipple cream is it makes use of a unique refining process used in making the Lasinoh nipple cream, and this cream right here is free of additives or parabens, odorless, colorless, and also hypoallergenic.

Babies and mothers do not have anything to worry about when using the Lasinoh cream as it is considered safe for mother and child. Thanks to having a tasteless feature, feeding will not be interrupted in any way. Furthermore, you can also use this cream on the elbow, heels, cuticles, and dry lips. However, some mothers believe this cream is too sticky, making it difficult to apply to tender breasts.


  • The relief this cream offers is immediate and lasts forever.
  • It doesn’t just save nipples, but lips and elbows as well.
  • Just applying a little of this cream will go a long way.


  • Some mothers complained that this cream is too thick or too greasy.

2. Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream

Made using Shea butter, cocoa butter, Calendula, and mango butter, the Earth Mama organic nipple cream is another reliable nipple cream to offer mothers a fast, soothing relief. Mothers are impressed about how easy it is to apply this cream, and this owes to the smooth texture or consistency of this cream.

There are also testimonies from other mothers who have tried out this nipple cream to make it easy for them to adjust to nursing their newborn babies in better ways than they could imagine. Unlike other nipple creams with offensive smells, this cream from Mother Earth smells great, so wiping it off after feeding isn’t necessary.

Mothers had no health complaints when using the Mother Earth nipple cream, and this owes to the fact that this cream is made using strictly natural ingredients. If you do not plan to use this nipple cream on your breasts, you can use this cream as a dry skin moisturizer, diaper cream, and lip balm.


  • This cream is made using organic ingredients that make it safe.
  • Its versatility makes it ideal for several other purposes and not just feeding.
  • Mothers revealed that they didn’t suffer sore nipples anymore when using the Mother Earth nipple cream.


  • Based on a customer’s complaint, a different product got delivered from what was ordered.

3. Motherlove Nipple Cream

Just like the Mother Earth nipple cream we just finished talking about, the Motherlove Nipple Cream also boasts of all-natural ingredients in its production. It doesn’t contain any chemicals as they could be harmful to the baby’s health and that of the mother, and the key ingredients used in making this nipple cream include Shea butter, Calendula, marshmallow, and more.

Taking a look at some of the positive reviews and remarks this product has earned itself, you will realize that what you are looking at right here isn’t just a cream for breastfeeding, but it can also prevent cracking and dealing with soreness nipples.

Safety is also another wonderful feature of this nipple cream as it is free from lanolin, cruelty, but purely organic. Finally, this cream isn’t as thick as many other nipple creams on the market, making applying it very smooth and easy.

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  • This nipple cream can also be used as a moisturizer.
  • Mothers also used this cream in treating diaper irritation and rashes.
  • It brings relief to excruciating pains when feeding.


  • The price of this nipple cream is a bit on the high side.

4. Medela, Tender Care, Lanolin Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding

I can say for sure that it doesn’t have to get messy just because you want to make breastfeeding your baby easy and simple. It also shouldn’t be messy because you want to tend to your irritated and sore nipples, and that’s what the Medela Tender Care nipple cream is here to do.

The Medela Tender Care nipple cream is a lanolin-based cream applied by gliding it over the nipple to get that instant relief or healing. However, there is an action this cream produces that makes it stand out from all other products on the market. This action refers to this cream’s ability to form a protective barrier that would provide comfort during every breastfeeding session.

Safety is all that matters when it comes to nipple cream, and this cream right here is safe for mother and child. After use, Wiping it off wouldn’t be necessary because it is made using one hundred percent natural ingredients that make the application simple and mess-free.


  • Its uniqueness and fast action make it a must-have for all breastfeeding mothers.
  • It does great when used on nipples and lips.
  • Mothers love this cream as it helps in taking away tenderness from the breasts.


  • Since it is a lanolin-based cream, it might stain a woman’s bra or shirt.

5. Bella B Nurturing Nipple Butter

Finally, we have gotten to this detailed review’s last and final product that you must have found exciting or entertaining and educating. For mothers with sensitive skin, the Bella B nurturing nipple buttercream is the best choice.

This nipple cream features food-grade and plant-based ingredients in its production, giving mothers a soothing feeling when breastfeeding their babies. However, this soothing feeling doesn’t contain lanolin or fragrance, as they might irritate women with sensitive skin.

It boasts an all-natural ingredient in its production like mango butter, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and sensitive nipples with soothing relief.


  • This cream works great when used as a lip balm.
  • Mothers found this product to be a lifesaver when pumping.
  • It also helps to deal with soreness and cracks.


  • Its texture feels a bit sandy, according to a customer’s review.

Final Thoughts

If you have gotten to this point in this review, I am sure you found this review interesting, and you must have found a nipple cream that will be good for you. Remember you should apply that nipple creams after feeding your baby because it provides the cream with more time to soothe the sore nipples and gets your breasts ready for the next feeding session.

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