Best Nursing Pads For Heavy Leaking

When breastfeeding is mentioned, people only imagine a mother breastfeeding her baby. Most people are not aware that breastfeeding a baby comes with milk leakage, engorgement pain, and sore nipples.

All of these pains are what a mother goes through when trying to breastfeed her baby, and only when milk leaks from the nipples and stains the shirt in public will you realize you must do something about it.

The good news is mothers have been handling breast milk leak issues for so many years, and companies have made profits from producing nursing pads. Do not doubt this because nursing pads actually exist, and this guide is here to show you the best nursing pads for heavy leaking.

What Are Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are soft pads a woman places inside her bra, and this soft pad’s purpose is to absorb any milk that leaks from the nipples. A nursing mother must use a nursing pad to avoid public embarrassment.

However, when you hit the market to shop for a nursing pad, you will be faced with the decision of going for a reusable or disposable nursing pad. Disposable nursing pads are used just one time and discarded. They are ideal for use on the go and should be thrown away after they have served their purpose.

From the name reusable pads, you can tell that this is the opposite of disposable pads. Washing and using reusable pads again is done using the reusable pad, and being used again tells you these are environmentally-friendly products.

After giving birth, laundry work isn’t ideal or healthy, so using a reusable nursing pad reduces laundry costs. You do not need to be worried about the kind of pad you need to go for because stocking up your closet with bot types is also a wise investment.

Best Nursing Pads For Heavy Leaking – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best nursing pads for heavy leaking

You do not expect so many things when talking about breastfeeding, but accidental leaks aren’t one of them. Let’s be honest, accidental breastfeeding leaks do not scare people anymore, and this is because the market is filled with the best nursing pads that will absorb any leaked oil.

Breastfeeding your baby offers a good amount of joy, but several challenges are attached to these benefits. One of the challenges we are talking about is the issue of breastfeeding leakage. If you have spent so much time away from your child, you have excess milk production, or you just felt your milk coming in. All of these situations can make a woman feel embarrassed, but using a nursing pad can help fix the situation.

The truth is after having a baby, you are likely to wear nursing pads in your bra and your underwear. These small-sized inserts effectively trapping milk escaping from the body, and you will find them in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Unfortunately, just like every other product in this world, the numerous products on the market have the ability to get a shopper confused.

All the options available on the market will do the shopping for a nursing pad overwhelming. Unfortunately, deciding what nursing pad you want to get isn’t as easy as it sounds, and once you figure out what you want, this guide is here to walk you through the selection process.

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Best Nursing Pads For You Review

1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

The Lasinoh stay dry disposable nursing pads have been getting rave reviews from breastfeeding mothers that have tried it out at some point. Mothers describe this nursing pad as a super-absorbent, thin, soft pad that comes with an adhesive lining to ensure it stays fixed or in place.

You can trust this nursing pad to offer a discreet fit thanks to its well-contoured shape, and just like we mentioned earlier, coming individually wrapped makes it easy for mothers to use this nursing pad while on the move. Furthermore, it boasts an affordable price tag that encourages mothers to buy in bulk and stock up in their homes. They are disposable, so you can’t use them after the first use.


  • It is extremely absorbent and well-designed
  • Mothers described this pad as efficient
  • It is affordable


  • They cause allergic reactions
  • They leak, which might not be safe for the baby

2. Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding

The first product mentioned in this review was a disposable nursing pad, but occupying the second spot is a reusable nursing pad from the Bamboobies brand. The Bamboobies washable nursing pads boast a design that promotes comfort.

Interestingly, this nursing pad has a thinner version that mothers can use during the day, while its thicker version is best used at night. Mothers love this nursing pad because of its super-absorbent and eco-friendly nature. Even though washing isn’t fun sometimes, the experience proves to be different when washing the Bamboobies nursing pads.

It is easy to wash and can be washed alongside your baby’s clothes. In addition, its texture permits it to go into the dryer, so you can rest assured that this nursing pad will dry in no time. Another advantage this nursing pad has is it gets softer each time you wash.


  • Mothers were pleased with how soft this nursing pad is
  • It delivers super-absorbent characteristics during the day.
  • The Bamboobies nursing pads leave no lint behind.


  • It doesn’t hold in leaks based on a user’s complaint.

3. Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads

Up next on this detailed guide is the Organic Bamboo nursing breast pad, and unlike most reusable pads, this right here features a well-contoured shape that fights against bouncing, as they will hold the breast firmly. Another exciting fact about this nursing pad is it comes in three different shapes, so finding the right one for you would not be difficult.

The breastfeeding mom reviews we read about this nursing pad were amazing, as lots of mothers were pleased with the towel-like and soft texture of this nursing pad. It is a must-have for every mother as its structure and shape ensure it stays discreet underneath any piece of cloth.

It would be best to use these nursing pads to select colors that would match your bra. In addition, it would help if you went for a color that would not reveal the nursing pads through your dress.


  • The Organic Bamboo nursing pads are soft and feel great on the skin.
  • These Organic Bamboo pads do not bunch up inside a shirt.
  • They are designed to offer comfort.


  • These pads are not as absorbent as described.

4. NUK Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

The NUK disposable nursing pads are discreet, lightweight, soft, and thin. It is the perfect nursing pad for any woman trying to avoid revealing she is wearing a nursing pad. In addition, this nursing pad features a Milk-lock technology that uses a breathable and soft material to keep leaks trapped.

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It boasts a dual construction layer that offers extra protection, and you are paying an affordable amount to get all of these benefits. What’s more, this nursing pad features a protective back layer that hides leak-through stains. Lastly, if you have an established milk production or light flow, this nursing pad is recommended.


  • It is the best choice if you leak heavily at night.
  • They form well on the breast and stay firm.
  • It is not an expensive product.
  • They are less noticeable pads.


  • A customer complained about getting a different nursing pad and not the NUK nursing pad.

5. Medela Nursing Pads, Disposable Breast Pad

The Medela nursing pad is a bulky pad for women with heavy leaks during the day. However, one thing mothers love about this nursing pad is its superior absorption power during the daytime. Reading some of the customer reviews, we also found out that these nursing pads are very soft despite being bulky.

They provide adhesive straps at the back, so you don’t have to worry about these pads falling off. Their inexpensive price tag makes mothers buy them in stock, and its additional soft layer effectively keeps moisture away from the breasts during use. Secure and discreet are other notable features of this nursing pad, and this gives breastfeeding mothers the confidence they need when walking.


  • Mothers make use of this nursing pad.-day
  • Despite being used all day, it isn’t sweaty.
  • It offers additional comfort.


  • The Medela nursing pad can be itchy sometimes.

Why Do Breasts Leak?

Milk leakage is normal in every woman, and women experience this around the first weeks or months after putting it to bed. Milk leakage from the nipples is actually due to the milk ejection reflex sent from the nerves in the nipples to the brain.

Milk leaks from the nipples when a mother misses her child hears the baby’s cry, or it is time for the baby to be breastfed. Using and changing nursing pads promptly ensures that leaks do not stain your dress or even prevents the possibility of a yeast infection that happens because of the damp feeling.

How To Choose Nursing Pads

When choosing nursing pads, you need to think about a few things thoroughly to make a wrong choice and end up with an unwanted product. Knowing the kind of nursing pad you want is important, and just like we mentioned earlier, there are disposable nursing pads and reusable nursing pads.

Anybody might opt to go for both, but it will be a better idea if you pick out one and stick to it. You need to answer a couple of questions if you want to end up with a reliable nursing pad. These questions are;

  • How comfortable are you?
  • How active are you?
  • How do you feel if you see them through your clothes?
  • To what extent does your leak go?

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