Best Pregnancy Pillow For Plus Size

Finding the right position to sleep during pregnancy can be very difficult for every pregnant woman out there, and it becomes extra difficult if you have put on more weight as a result of the pregnancy. Thankfully, there is a pregnancy pillow on the market that will provide you with a good amount of comfort when sleeping, and providing support for the baby bump is another use of this pregnancy pillow. Another benefit of using a pregnancy pillow is it ensures pregnant women are able to sleep on their side, and this guide today is aimed at helping plus size pregnant women find the best pregnancy pillow for plus size. A good pregnancy pillow shouldn’t be all about helping you find the perfect sleeping position.

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There are so many other things to consider when you want to get yourself the best pregnancy pillow for plus size. This type of pillow for plus size women needs to be extremely durable to hold a plus size, and it should be durable to be point of maintaining its shape every night and as the belly bump gets bigger. It is no new news that a pregnant woman has to put up with a lot every night, and some of the conditions she might have to put up with includes constant trips to the bathroom and leg cramps. Making use of the best pregnancy pillow for plus size will relief some extra weight and take away some pain and burden when you eventually lie down to rest.

Finding the right pillow is crucial for alleviating neck pain and arm numbness. Look for pillows that offer proper support and alignment to help reduce discomfort and improve sleep quality. Memory foam pillows, cervical pillows, and water-filled pillows are some of the best options for those suffering from these symptoms.

You might be wondering if getting a pregnancy pillow is worth the stress, but people end up thinking about the discomfort that comes with childbirth and labor when faced with pregnancy pains. Waiting for nine months for the arrival of your baby in pain would be worth all the cramps and twinges when you bundle of joy finally arrives. The truth is most of the pain a woman feels during pregnancy is because her body lacks the support it needs, and this is as a result of the fact that a pregnant woman is carrying an extra weight right inside of her. Carrying extra weight inside her will put a lot of tension and stress on feet, hips, back, and legs.

All of these areas will continually feel pain during and after sleeping, and even though a woman might be open to several pain relief options, there is the need to apply cleverness when trying to prevent these pains and discomfort. This is why using a pregnancy pillow is of great importance, because it helps pregnant moms manage most of the aches and pains that comes with being pregnant. Some of the questions that need to be answered when shopping for the best pregnancy pillow for plus size includes;

  • How do you know what type of pregnancy pillow will be perfect for you
  • How do pregnancy pillows work
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So many other people might not be familiar with the term pregnancy pillow, because there are people who prefer to call them maternity pillow. So you shouldn’t get confused when we keep mentioning pregnancy pillow instead of maternity pillow you are used to.

Best Pregnancy Pillow For Plus Size – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Pregnancy Pillow For Plus Size

Providing pregnant women with great additional amount of support in specific regions is what pregnancy pillows are designed to do, and considering the fact that pregnant women are known to have a unique shape, some traditional or regular pillows might not have the ability to take the form and shape of a pregnant woman. This will end up leading to severe body stiffness, leg cramps, back pain, and more. To make it all worse, a pregnant woman might end up struggling with insomnia if her body doesn’t get the right amount of support it needs.

Best Pregnancy Pillow For Plus Size Review

1. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

The PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is produced using one hundred percent cotton material, and this pregnancy pillow boasts of a U-shaped design which provides the hips, back, knees, and neck with good amount of support. Easing so many pains that pregnancy brings along is what so many pregnant moms will love about this pregnancy pillow, and it also boasts of having a detachable pillow design which can be used in attaching this pillow to a main body pillow or used as a pregnancy pillow on its own. This pillow isn’t just pregnant women, but it can also be used by anyone recovering from surgery.


  • It has a fantastic quality
  • It makes pregnant women feel cozy
  • It is easy to unwrap


  • It isn’t worth its price tag

2. hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity

The Hiccapop pregnancy pillow wedge for maternity is one that pregnant women love because of the amount of support it provides the body with, and what makes this pregnancy pillow unique is it two sided design that enable moms to select between the soft or firm designs. Providing the belly with a great amount of support to prevent swelling is an eye catching feature of this pregnancy pillow, and this pillow can be positioned between the knees, behind the back, or under the belly. It also boasts of having an airflow technology for keeping moms cool during use.


  • It eliminates pains in the back and hips
  • It helps to find the best and comfortable position for sleeping
  • It is affordable


  • It easily gets stained

3. AngQi 65-inch Full Body Support Pillow

The AngiQ full body support pregnancy pillow has a unique design that makes it perfect for not just pregnant moms but breastfeeding moms, while having an oversized U-shaped design ensures it stretches out and provides every area of the body with great amount of support. Apart from offering support, this is the perfect pillow to help pregnant women deal with a good amount of pain, and this pillow can also be used for watching television, reading a book, breastfeeding, and sleeping. This tells you that this pillow is very versatile and functional, while its durable material production makes it durable.


  • It can be used by non-pregnant people too
  • It is super comfortable
  • It can be used by regular fat people
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  • It is not large enough

4. Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillows

The chilling home pregnancy pillow is another trusted pillow for plus size pregnant moms which will help moms relax while providing them with all round support during their pregnancy stages. Interestingly, this pregnancy pillows has the ability to offer pregnant moms several positions for sleeping that will get rid of any pain that comes with being pregnant, and making moms feel super comfortable is another benefit that comes with using the Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow. This pillow can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding moms, and anyone who is keen on sleeping better can go ahead and get this pillow.

It boasts of an extra soft design and it can be washed in a machine which makes it easy for moms to care for and maintain this pregnancy pillow.


  • This pillow is super supportive
  • It provides a snug fit
  • It helps to eliminate pressure from the bladder


  • It doesn’t have a perfect design

5. AS AWESLING 60in Full Body Pillow

We have gotten to the final pregnancy pillow to secure a spot in our best pregnancy pillow for plus size, and this is one pillow that will provide so much support and comfort whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester. Helping mom relax in a pure and comfortable zone is one of the benefits that comes with using this pregnancy pillow, and moms are not the only ones that will enjoy the support and comfort this pillow offers, but the baby in the tummy will enjoy all of these as well. Finally, this is also considered as a post-surgery pillow for people who have just undergone a surgery.


  • It has a supportive design
  • Pets like it too
  • It helps in taking pressure away from the back


  • It straps are super flimsy and this pillow doesn’t hold up well

How Do Pregnancy Pillows Work?

The three main areas where pregnancy pillows are known to work best are between the legs, behind the back, and underneath the belly, and these are the spots that needs to be well supported when a woman is pregnant. Even though there are some people that do not trust or believe a pregnancy pillow is effective, a pregnancy pillow is capable of;

  • Helping pregnant mothers get used to a new sleeping position
  • It keeps the spine and neck in the best possible neutral position while sleeping
  • It helps in boosting blood circulation
  • It is effective in managing some pregnancy conditions like leg cramps, nasal congestion, and heartburn
  • It prevents from rolling over on their belly accidentally
  • It eliminates the amount of pressure around the pubic bone and hips


We cannot stress it enough that being pregnant comes with a lot of stress and changes, and if you are on the plus size category, getting the best pregnancy pillow for plus size will be a big win for you. This pillow will help you get all the support you need, and ensuring that a pregnant woman gets proper rest is another usefulness of getting the best pregnancy pillow for plus size. Check out the products we have talked about in this guide when you decide to shop for one that will be perfect for you.

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