Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

Do you want not just any baby gate but something you can easily move around the house? You might want a portable baby gates or you might not like the idea of permanently screwing a baby gate to the walls of your house. Whatever your reason might be, what you want is a pressure mounted baby gate. It becomes more interesting when you intend mounting the baby gate at the top of stairs, so the best pressure mounted baby gate is the item you need. So many families love using a pressure mounted baby gate because it is very handy, and can be easily mounted and removed without using special tools or drills. They utilize a spring rod tension mechanism to function, and one of the greatest advantage that comes with installing a pressure mounted baby gate is how convenient they are.

The good aspect of a pressure mounted baby gate is you can easily section off any part of your home away from your baby without having to drill screws into the wall, and you can easily remove this pressure mounted baby gate, throw it inside your car trunk, and drop it off at your grandmas house, because she might have a need for it. There is a conflicting theory about pressure mounted baby gates as people claim it shouldn’t be mounted at top of stairs. However, other people thing it can be mounted at the top of stairs if it is properly installed. Another reason people do not like pressure mounted baby gates at the top of stairs is they have the tendency to mar you door jambs and wall.

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

Pressure mounted baby gates can be easily pushed over since they are not held by a screw to the fall, and this is another reason parents do not advise using them at the top of stairs. If babies find it easy to push down pressure mounted baby gates at top of stairs, then that baby just walked into a trap, as he or she stands the risk of falling down the stairs. To avoid this calamity from happening, purchasing set of wall savers that are made using moulded rubber material, helps to the feet of the gate that pushes against the wall. This is useful in protecting surfaces from wear and tear.

All that is required to do is to slide these molded rubber wall saver into position, and mounting them would not be necessary since they have a surface tension that ensures they stay in place.

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

Installing baby gates in your home does a great job of restricting babies from going into places or rooms where they are not wanted. Little babies can be very curious, and this makes them want to explore their environment once they start crawling or walking. As much as watching your baby crawl or walk is an interesting sight, you do not want them to endanger themselves by going into a room where they are not meant to be. There are hardware gates that requires the use of tools and drills to install them, meaning you will have to drill a hole in your wall.

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For some people, drilling a hold in the wall doesn’t sit well with them, and it becomes complicated if you stay in a rental home where you can’t make alterations. You might not want to see holes being drilled in your way but you need to install a baby gate to prevent your little babies and pets from moving freely without adult supervision. The good news is there is another baby gate option known as the pressure mounted baby gate that doesn’t require you to drill.

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs Review

1. Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate

Having a customizable width design makes it easy for you to adjust this baby gate to fit openings and doorways, but bear in mind that this baby gate needs to be tightened occasionally to keep it secure. Interestingly, it comes with a light indicator that tells you it needs to be tightened when the indicator light turns red, and it boasts a one-hand release that makes it easy for adults to open this baby gate. Installing this pressure mounted baby gate is very easy as it doesn’t require the use of special tools or instruments, and its door closes automatically without an adult touching it.


  • It doesn’t require drilling holes
  • Installation is easy
  • It has a sturdy build


  • Didn’t take time for it to fall apart

2. Munchkin Easy Close XL Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Surprisingly, this baby gate comes with additional hardware for safety, and what parents love about this baby gate is its soft push design that closes this gate. It boasts of a double locking design that adults will find very easy to use, making it difficult for children to access this gate when locked, and there is an additional third lock option at its base for extra security. In terms of safety, parents have nothing to worry about as this baby gate meets all JPMA standard certifications. All of the materials used in constructing this gate are safe and would not affect the health of your baby.


  • This baby gate works perfectly
  • It is all about the security and safety of your baby
  • It offers parents control when adjusting to fit an opening
  • It has a simple installation process


  • It failed to stay upright

3. Safety 1st Ready to Install Baby Gate

Being sturdy is what parents love about this gate, and it boasts a one-handed adjustment design that makes adjusting this gate to fit stairs, openings, and doorways convenient. Interestingly, this baby gate boasts an innovative design that doesn’t require drywall for installation, and its installation will last for about fifteen minutes without the use of special tools or equipment. Parents can use this baby gate in creating a safe zone for their little baby, and this is a safety conscious baby gate that meets all JPMA safety requirements.

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  • This baby gate boasts of an excellent and quiet design
  • It has a smart mechanism toddlers can’t overcome
  • It is very easy to put in place


  • It failed to last long

4. Evenflo Secure Step Gate

The Evenflo Secure Step Gate comes with an easy glide handle that makes using this gate convenient with one hand, and this gate is designed for use at top of stairs. It comes with a hardware mount that makes installing a breeze, and having a no-floor-bar design gets rid of the risk of tripping when walking through this gate. This is one feature parents will love about this gate as there have been growing concerns about adults tripping when walking through a baby gate installed in their home. Another impressive feature of this baby gate is it opens in both directions, making it easy for adults to walk through.


  • So simple to install
  • It is tough and sturdy
  • This baby gate gets the job done


  • Unimpressive design

5. Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

One advice you need to note before shopping for this baby gate is you need to have an accurate measurement of the opening where you will like to have this gate installed. This is vital if you want to obtain a proper and perfect fit, and this gate is simple to use as all it demands is pushing to close and lock. This is one of the best latex free baby gates on the market, while having a dual locking mechanism ensures it swings to both directions. It comes with an extra hardware for safety, and cleaning this baby gate can be done with water and mild soap.


  • This gate is easy to open and close
  • It stays open regardless of whatever position you leave it
  • It has a great design


  • It has a little frustrating installation process

What To Consider Before Shopping For A Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

One of the greatest factors of a pressure mounted baby gate is they are wide enough for unconventional openings and they possess standard sizes that makes them fit regular doorways. Pressure mounted baby gates can be used for wide and standard openings, but it will be helpful if you have it in mind that a pressure mounted baby gate cannot do both. For this reason, measuring the width of the opening you want to cover is very essential, but take a few inches as extension so the gate can close perfectly.

In addition, some of the features you should look out for in a pressure mounted baby gate includes;

  • Optional door stop
  • Automatic closing walk through door
  • Stay open walk through door
  • Bi-directional walk through door
  • Extensions
  • One-handed operation
  • Extra wide walk through door

However, parents should also have it in mind that even if a pressure mounted baby gate technically fits a wide space, it might end up not being a good choice for it. This is because a pressure mounted baby gate under this circumstance might not have the right length measurement to hold the proper pressure amount, causing it to wobble. Furthermore, parents should also have it in mind that pressure mounted baby gates must posses a double solid surface for it to push against.

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