5 Best Probiotic For Breastfed Baby

The importance of babies having a healthy gut has reached the limelight in the past few years. It is no longer a discussion for health workers, but many adults take probiotics daily. It is no longer a hidden fact that having a healthy bacteria balance in the gut improves man’s overall health system. Building up the immune system is another benefit taking probiotics brings.

The interesting fact about probiotics is that babies can be taken by babies, too, meaning babies can tap into all the benefits probiotics offer. It is why you have the best probiotic for breastfed babies to tell you more about babies and probiotics.

Can you take probiotics while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding mothers may be wondering about the safety of taking probiotics while nursing. Fortunately, most healthcare experts consider probiotics safe for mothers and their infants. In fact, probiotics may even promote healthy gut bacteria in both mother and baby. However, it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before starting new breastfeeding supplements, including probiotics. They can help determine if probiotics are a suitable option for both mother and baby, and suggest a specific product and dosage that is safe and effective. Therefore, if you’re considering taking probiotics while breastfeeding, speaking with a healthcare professional beforehand is essential.

No longer do mothers willingly give babies probiotics anymore, but health experts ranging from chiropractors and pediatricians advocate that babies should be given probiotics. Giving babies probiotics helps deal with reflux, constipation, and gas, and parents can count on probiotics to improve any of these conditions in weeks.

Live bacteria that reside in a person’s intestines to help out with digestion and boost the immune system are probiotics. Parents can help their children maintain a healthy bacteria level in their gut by adding probiotics to their diet.

Probiotics are also tasked with fighting off negative bacteria from the body. Therefore, parents should not hesitate to add probiotics to their baby’s diet, especially when they struggle with tummy issues. Mothers have many reasons for adding probiotics to their baby’s diet, including constipation, thrush, eczema, colic, bloating, gas, diarrhea, hard stools, and more.

If you are a new nursing mom or an expectant mom, the term probiotics might be unfamiliar or strange to you. However, mothers are curious if probiotics have side effects on babies.

Surprisingly, they do not have side effects in the first few days, but every supplement has an adjustment period. First, a person might experience slight digestive issues like tummy pain, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

It is because the tummy is adjusting to having a different form of bacteria. Parents can consider reducing the probiotics dosage if the condition persists before increasing to a few doses.

Best Probiotic For Breastfed Baby – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Probiotic For Breastfed Baby

Probiotics are live microorganisms and bacteria that live in a man’s body and deliver many health benefits. You can find probiotics in fermented food like kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt, and they are detected in topical creams and supplement forms.

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The common probiotic bacteria belong to the Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus groups, and both have different strains for special health benefits. Establishing a healthy and good gut in babies is what probiotics help a baby achieve, and we all know parents are keen on offering their babies the best treatment in life.

Parents can easily overlook a baby’s gut, and the health foundation of every child lies in how strong its gut is. Giving babies probiotics is one of the best ways a parent can support a child in having a healthy gut in life.

Parents must help their little child boost their immune system and digestive health and have good gut bacteria that influence the well-being of other vital organs like the liver, brain, and kidney.

5 Best Probiotic For Breastfed Baby Reviews

1. Culturelle Baby Grow + Thrive Probiotics 

Specially formulated for babies aged zero to twelve months, the Culturelle Baby Grow probiotics promises babies better nutrient absorption and a healthy digestive system. Boosting the immune system is one benefit babies stand to gain when consuming this probiotic, while boosting good bacteria found in breast milk is another benefit of babies consuming the Culturelle Baby Grow Probiotics.

Parents will find this probiotic easy to feed their babies, as it can be easily dispensed into a baby’s mouth. Providing a strong foundation for a baby’s healthy development is important in giving babies this probiotic, and mothers can now rejoice because of the numerous benefits this probiotic offers babies.


  • It eliminates baby tummy troubles
  • It also makes sure babies sleep well at night
  • Consuming this probiotic is easy


  • Parents complained it makes babies cry

2. Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops Everyday

The Mommy Bliss Baby Probiotics is one mother can start giving babies even from birth, and we all know that if a baby has a healthy gut, the baby will be happy. Supporting a baby’s digestive system is a significant benefit of Mommy’s Bliss probiotics, ensuring that all vitamins and food are well absorbed and digested.

Pediatricians highly recommend this probiotic, and this is based on their ability to make babies smile and eliminating discomfort. Calming tummy issues like colic, gas, and constipation are what this probiotic from Mommy’s Bliss offers babies. Feeding babies with these probiotics means mothers will have happy and healthy kids.


  • It deals with constipation quickly
  • It fights off bacteria infection in babies
  • Gassy babies are relieved after consuming this probiotic


  • The customer complained of bad delivery service.e

3. Enfamil Breastfed Infant Probiotics & Vitamin D

The Enfamil Breastfed Probiotics supply the body with a good quantity of good bacteria that boost the immune system, develop the intestine, absorb vitamins, and digest food. Supporting a baby’s gut is very important for a baby’s overall well-being, and that is what the Enfamil Breastfed Probiotics help babies achieve. Interestingly, these probiotics have a beneficial bacteria blend that relieves babies struggling with crying at night, fussiness, and colic.

The Enfamil Breastfed Probiotic comes with Vitamin D that helps strengthen the bones of babies. In addition, this probiotic is safe for baby consumption as it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.


  • Maintaining a healthy breast milk-fed baby is a benefit of giving babies the Enfamil probiotics.
  • Feeding babies with these probiotics is very easy
  • It is recommended for babies with gassy issues
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  • It is overpriced
  • It requires using a dropper syringe when feeding babies.

4. Garden of Life Baby Probiotics, 4 Billion CFU Organic Liquid Probiotic

Featuring a clinical blend of healthy probiotic strains. The Garden Of Life Baby Probiotics is tasked with providing babies with a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system. The American Academy Of Pediatrics recommends that mothers add this to their baby’s diet for supplementing vitamins regularly.

Using this probiotic to supplement vitamin D is a safe way of ensuring babies have the right support for growing teeth and strong bones. In addition, for babies struggling with upset stomach issues, gas, and colic, the Garden Of Life Baby Probiotics provides relief instantly. It is safe for all babies, free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemicals, and dyes.


  • It helps babies with digestive upset.
  • Sixteen months old babies consume these probiotics with ease
  • It works as advertised


  • According to a customer’s review, the product was already open when delivered.

5. Culturelle Baby Calm + Comfort Probiotics

Surprisingly, we started this review with a product from the Culturelle brand, and interestingly, we are rounding up the same review with a product from the same brand. It tells you you can trust this brand in making high-quality and reliable probiotics for babies. This probiotic boasts a safe ingredient formulation that ensures it goes gently on your baby’s tummy. In addition, all its ingredients are non-toxic, meaning it is safe for all babies to consume.

Boosting digestion is one of the benefits of feeding babies with these probiotics from Culturelle. Soothing a baby’s digestive upset with other tummy issues is another benefit of giving babies this probiotic drop. Finally, restoring a balance of good bacteria tells you how effective this probiotic is.


  • It is highly recommended for colicky babies.
  • Restoring a healthy bacteria balance is what this probiotic does
  • Parents expressed satisfaction with its performance


  • None

How Probiotics Helps Babies

Having a healthy gut in babies is important for their overall well-being, which tells you why introducing babies to probiotics is a good idea. The following are ways giving babies probiotics helps to improve their general health;

Boosting Immune System

About eighty percent of the immune system lies in the gut, and having a healthy gut means babies will be able to challenge and fight off illnesses. In addition, feeding babies probiotics mean babies will have to deal with fewer inflammation issues.

Improving Digestion And Easing Colic

Babies will develop digestive and health issues if their microbiome level is balanced, and not feeding babies with probiotics means they will struggle with constipation, gas, reflux, and more. On the other hand, having a good microbiome balance means babies will no longer have to deal with any of these problems.

Reducing Obesity Possibility

If a baby has a low level of probiotics in their body, they are at greater risk of obesity. Still, you prevent your baby from obesity if you start adding probiotics to your baby’s food.

Final Thoughts

The good aspect of probiotics is that they contain only simple and non-toxic ingredients, helping infants digest bacteria. What’s more, probiotics do not have flavors and are easy to use, meaning they will be easy for babies to consume without stress. Parents interested in trying out probiotics should go ahead and try out one from the few we have selected already.

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