5 Best Sleep Sacks For Summer 2021

Every mother’s dream is to watch her baby sleep comfortably and soundly, knowing how hard it is for babies to fall asleep sometimes. Sleepsacks designed for newborns help babies feel comfortable and safe while sleeping, cutting down on time spent moving their legs around.

In a baby’s early life stage, they tend to sleep better when straddled properly, and using sleep sacks ensures babies don’t wake up when they startle themselves in their sleep. As parents, doing everything in your power to ensure your baby gets quality sleep is crucial because getting enough sleep is essential to a baby’s growth and development.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, but what matters is ensuring your baby gets enough sleep. That’s why we have brought you the best sleep sacks for summer review.

A good sleeping routine is an aspect parents need to pay attention to when taking care of their babies, and the numerous sleep sacks online might make a parent lost when searching for a suitable one for their child.

Sometimes, parents might get confused over vital features a sleep sack should possess, like the ease of cleaning, durability, safety, and many more similar features. After an extensive study on sleep sacks online, this review presents your five best products and a buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

Best Sleep Sacks For Summer – Buying Guide An Recommendation

best sleep sacks for summer

The American Academy Of Pediatrics made it clear that having your blanket in your baby’s crib is not safe or healthy, especially when they are below a year old. When they get to the toddler stage, they wiggle in their sleep, making it possible for them to sleep through the night without kicking away their blanket.

So what do you think is the best way to keep your babies safe at night? The best possible means is to provide them with a sleep sack, also known as a wearable blanket. First, however, you have to look when shopping for the best sleep sack, Thermal Overall Grade.

Meaning Of TOG And Why TOG Is Important

The measurement of a thermal blanket’s effectiveness is what we refer to as thermal overall grade, and it also determines how your baby will stay warm at night. The higher the TOG, the warmer a sleep sack will be.

Babies can’t regulate their temperature while sleeping, and overheating is another factor that contributes to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Using the right sleep sack will make sure your baby sleeps safe and comfortably, but one tip parents should adopt when dressing a baby in a sleep sack is never to dress them in more than a layer that would affect their comfort.

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Top 5 Best Sleep Sacks For Summer Reviews

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Opening up this review is the Burt Bees Baby wearable blanket, made using one hundred percent cotton fabric that will go soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, and what parents find attractive about this wearable blanket is the unique sizing that makes it easy for babies to move around freely in it while they sleep.

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In terms of the thermal overall grade, this wearable blanket has a TOG rating of 0.5, making it easy to combine it with pajamas. Combining this wearable blanket with pajamas offers additional comfort, and safety is another noticeable feature of this sleep sack.

It is made using breathable and organic cotton material that doesn’t overheat, making it perfect for sensitive skins. In addition, its zipper guard and zipper cover provide babies with an extra amount of safety while sleeping.


  • It is made using a soft and not a heavy material.
  • It is lightweight in design, not heavyweight.
  • It offers all-around comfort.


  • One of its zippers doesn’t latch easily.

2. SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Sleeping Sack

The Swaddle Designs cotton sleep sack is another high-quality sleep sack for babies which parents can trust to offer their kids comfortable while they sleep. Babies will sleep safer using this blanket as it boasts an open weave and breathable design, and mothers will be happy with its two-way zipper design that make diaper change and wearing this sleep sack convenient.

It comes with a 0.3 TOG rating, which is best for a baby’s recommended temperature sleep range. Another excellent feature of the SwaddleDesigns sleep sack is that it comes in various sizes, making it easy for parents to pick their child’s right size.


  • This is a great product that you can get at a better price.
  • Zipping up and down is easy using its two-way zippers
  • Parents will find this zipper easy and soft to use


  • Its zipper has a loud and noisy design.

3. Touched by Nature Unisex

If you want a sleep sack that will go gentle and soft on your baby’s skin, the Touched By Nature Unisex sleep sack for babies fits the description. However, it is made using premium cotton material that’s best used on sensitive skins. Safety is one feature parents should be concerned about when shopping for a high-quality sleep sack.

Its zipper design makes it safe, and for easy cleaning, washing this sleep sack with a machine is the best; providing comfort is the ultimate goal of getting your baby a sleep sack. The Touched By Nature sleep sack guarantees babies will sleep comfortably, and they will enjoy sleeping for longer hours without waking up even when they startle themselves in their sleep.


  • It is made using soft and nice quality material.
  • It boasts of well-made zippers.
  • Its lightweight design makes it ideal for use in summer.


  • It shrinks when washed.
  • This sleep sack seems too broad around the shoulder region.

4. 1st Laugh Muslin Baby Sleeping Sack

The 1st laugh baby sleep sack is another premium quality sleep sack made using high-quality cotton material and no harmful chemical materials that compromise your baby’s health. Going by customer reviews, this is the softest sleep sack parents would come across when shopping for a sleep sack for their baby.

What we found interesting about this sleep sack is its inner zipper that protects your baby’s skin from the outside zipper. Changing diapers is also easy thanks to its dual zipper design, and for parents looking for a sleep sack suitable for babies aged six to thirty-six months, this is the ideal sleep sack for them.

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  • It is a lightweight sleep sack with a perfect zipper design.
  • Babies will find it easy to walk around in this sleep sack.
  • It is a soft sleep sack that will go gentle on sensitive skins.


  • Parents complained its sizing is off

5. BLOOMSTAR Baby Sleeping Sack

If you have gotten to this point in this review, this is the last sleep sack product we will be talking about, and the BLOOMSTAR baby sleep sack is made using two layers of breathable and lightweight material that will make babies comfortable while they sleep.

This sleep sack is suitable for use in summer conditions because it comes with a 0.5 rating, while its two-way zipper design makes it easy for parents to change their baby’s diaper. In addition, its zipper comes with a zipper flap design used in protecting the baby’s skin.

Lastly, it boasts a radian and widening design that provides kids with enough room to move their feet around while sleeping, and parents will not experience overheating as long as they stick to this sleep sack.


  • Its breathable and thin material makes it comfortable.
  • It has a lightweight design that makes it suitable for summer use.


  • Just like in the last product we talked about, this sleep sack for babies shrink.
  • It uses a poor-quality zipper guard.

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Best Sleep Sack Buying Guide

Babies need to get a good amount of sleep to grow properly, and using sleep sacks ensures babies sleep for a long time. Something about infants is they find a way out of their swaddle when they fall asleep, but with sleep sacks, they enjoy the comfort and an added level of protection that a blanket would not offer them.

These are not just mere sleep sacks, but they reduce the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome and hip dysplasia. In addition, the materials used in making sleep sacks are gentle on every baby’s skin, so they are ideal for use on sensitive skins.

What’s more, sleep sacks have different types for different seasons, and parents can also combine pajamas with a sleep sack for their baby. The designs and patterns they come in make them appealing to look at, and for mothers finding it difficult to get their child to bed, this is simply the best solution to their problem.

There are many benefits attached to using a sleep sack, so they are considered a wise investment for parents and their babies.


Every parent desires that their baby sleeps comfortably and safely because getting adequate sleep makes a baby live a healthy life. Unfortunately, infants are known for moving around a lot in their crib while sleeping, which affects the amount of sleep they get.

Do not forget that getting enough sleep is vital for everyone, and that’s why you have the best sleep sacks in this guide, not just to help them sleep but also keeps them safe more than when using a blanket. Protective wings, Velcro fasteners, and double safety zippers are some safety features that a sleep sack comes with, making them ideal for your baby.

Finally, it will be better if parents knew that babies get to a certain age to flip themselves over without needing help. Parents need to stop wearing sleep sacks so that babies won’t sleep in uncomfortable conditions or cause obstruction of airflow.

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