Best Toddler Booster Seat For Eating

Weaning toddlers can be an exciting scene to watch for every parent, especially for new parents that have never had the experience before. Watching a little baby sit-up, act all independently around food, and try to feed themselves can be an exciting memory for moms, and it doesn’t matter if it is their first or last child. However, babies who want to get independent in feeding themselves require the use of an ideal seat for feeding and getting them the best toddler booster seat for eating is the next line of action to take. There are babies that no longer feel comfortable in high chairs when eating but want to join their family at the dining table. Such a baby is starting to feel like a grown up.

What such a baby needs is a toddler booster seat for eating which can be easily placed on a dining chair. These toddler booster eating seats tend to be hard wearing, portable, and very easy to clean. When babies start feeding themselves independently, they tend to make a lot of mess. For this reason, the toddler booster seat you select should be very easy to clean, or you will have a hard time in cleaning up any mess your child makes on it. Toddler booster seats are very essential for little babies who want to get more involved with feeding, especially around family and friends.

A toddler booster seat for eating should have a removable tray for better hygiene, so the tray can be cleaned up and properly sanitized. Most booster seats are portable, and this turns outs to be beneficial when parents feel like transporting these seats from one room to another. Their portability makes it easy for parents to carry them along when going to the park or on picnics. You can also carry a toddler booster seat for eating along when visiting a restaurant, instead of using their seats. It is possible for toddlers to eat at dining using the toddler booster seat, and they’ll feel very secure with their legs well placed underneath the tray.

Best Toddler Booster Seat For Eating

This seat turns out to be a very huge part of their life, and it creates this sense of belonging when having a meal time with the entire family. So many parents might be reluctant or skeptical about the usefulness of a toddler booster seat for eating, but this seat is very crucial for a little child’s growth and development.

Best Toddler Booster Seat For Eating – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Toddler Booster Seat For Eating

There are only a few sights that are as entertaining as watching a toddler learn how to eat solid foods on their own, and eating is like a big adventure for them as they take their first bite, create a lot of mess, and try feeding independently. However, toddlers start losing interest in high chairs as they continue learning how to eat independently and grow older. Parents do not enjoy cleaning these high chairs, and kids hate the fact they feel vary far away from the table. They want to see themselves as big kids but they are not ready for the dining chairs yet.

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The best way to make your toddler feel like a big part of the family is getting them a toddler booster seat for eating, and the benefits of getting toddlers this chair is parents will find it easy to clean, and it keeps toddlers strapped in and safe. Toddler booster seats for eating can sit right on top of the dining chair, providing a safe and secure position for babies to access the dining table and feed themselves. The benefit of the toddler booster seat is it brings babies closer to the dining table and to the family.

One mistake parents shouldn’t make is confusing toddler booster seats for car seats, because there are car seats that are called booster seats. The toddler booster seat for eating is very different.

Best Toddler Booster Seat For Eating Review

1. OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat with Removable Cushion

Having a high side and back design provides babies with the support and comfort required, and this seat can be trusted to boost your little baby’s height to get to the dining table for feeding. It comes with an easy to adjust bottom and back chair straps that holds this booster seat secured to the dining chair, while its non-slip feet makes sure this booster seat doesn’t scratch surfaces, but keeps your child protected. Kids would be held securely thanks to its two side release buckles, while having a sleek and simple design makes this the perfect home decoration item.


  • This is a high-quality and sturdy chair
  • It offers comfort
  • It is lightweight and affordable


  • It has a design flaw

2. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

This is another high quality booster seat from the OXO brand, and what you are staring at is a booster seat with an ideal table height for toddlers. It comes with a 3-point harness system that will hold babies securely in their seat, and its removable straps can be taken away when your little toddler eventually grows up. Parents love this seat because it collapses and folds easily for convenient storage and travels, and trust this booster seat to stay in place thanks to its non-skid feet design. It is free from all toxic materials but features only premium quality materials in its construction.


  • It offers great back support
  • It is easy to wash and keep clean
  • Its easy to fold design makes it easy to transport


  • Its buckle straps are of low quality compared to shoulder straps found in high chairs

3. Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat

The Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat doesn’t just look great, but it helps babies get the job done when it comes to feeding. This is a lightweight, non-slip base, waterproof, easy to clean, soft foam booster seat that babies will enjoy so much comfort when feeding, and having a well-textured seat helps to prevent sliding and slipping while in use. The interesting part of this seat is it can be used outdoors and indoors, and providing up to a three inch life in babies for them to have a comfortable dining time is what this booster seat help babies and parents achieve.


  • It has no bad smells
  • It doesn’t slide around or fall off
  • It has a clean design and soft cushion
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  • It has an unimpressive overall quality

4. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Having an easy setup design, compact design, and being easy to fold are some key features of the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, and having sturdy metal legs makes this booster seat stay firm and well rooted to the ground. Its three point harness is responsible for keeping babies safe and secure, while its comfortable and wide seat helps meet up with all of your baby’s needs from ages six to thirty six months. It comes with a non-marking and anti-slip feet that will not scratch your floors or slip with your baby in it, and finally, this booster seat has a design that ensures it is secured to an adult chair.


  • It is lightweight and handy
  • It is recommended for travels
  • It supports about thirty pounds of weight


  • Its straps are difficult to remove

5. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

This booster seat from the Fisher Price brand comes with straps that securely and easily attaches it to an adult chair, and what moms love most about this booster seat is the fact that it doesn’t have holes or crevices, making it very easy to clean. It comes with a triple height adjustment settings that ensures this seat grows as your child grows, while maintaining this booster seat is easy, thanks to its dishwasher safe tray. This tray is ideal for feeding too, and another notable accessory this seat comes with is an in-built cup holder.


  • It is portable and easy to clean
  • It has a space and money saving design
  • It is very easy to install


  • Its tray is difficult to remove

How To Select A Toddler Booster Seat For Eating

It is very important that you make a critical assessment of some factors before shopping for a toddler booster seat, and here are some factors that you need to consider.

Adjustable Back

You will need a booster seat with an adjustable back that easily reclines and offers babies support. If this seat will be used by toddlers or older babies, one with no back or a rigid back will be a welcomed idea.

Chair Strap

Chair straps are important in the sense that they help in securing this seat to the dining chair. This strap should be pulled easily to get a tight and perfect fit.


If you plan on traveling with the toddler booster seat for eating, you definitely need to get one that is portable. It should be lightweight and easy to fold, so it can fit easily into a car trunk

Easy To Clean

The fact about babies learning how to feed is they can be very messy. You do not want a toddler booster seat that will be difficult to clean, so a seat made with lightweight plastic materials and with little amount of holes where food can get stuck in is a wise investment.

Final Note

The truth is even though toddlers are no longer babies, it doesn’t stop them from creating a lot of mess. A toddler booster seat that is easy to clean remains the best option, so a seat you will find easy to clean and one they will always love to sit in is an excellent product for you to invest your money in.

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