Best Water Bottle For 1 Year Old

As parents, we ought to encourage our kids to take in a lot of water. However, kids might not be interested in taking in a lot of water but prefer to take in aerated drinks when they feel thirsty. This is due to these drinks being accessible to them, or maybe they love how these aerated drinks are packaged.

The major problem is getting them to drink water with a lot of health benefits than aerated drinks. The solution to this isn’t simple. But a cute-looking, fancy water bottle might do the trick. This review focuses on a one-year-old, and we think the best water bottle for 1-year-old should be attractive. They should also be convenient and safe for use regularly.

It might be difficult to get your kids to drink more water than aerated drinks, but you must try because of its health benefits. Investing in a good water bottle is a fantastic way to get your baby to start drinking more water. The water bottles you can rely on and trust are what you will find in this review, and these bottles range from having practical functions to amazing designs.

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Best Water Bottle For 1-Year-Old – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best water bottle for 1 year old

So many parents have been asking about the best way to keep their kids hydrated, and the answer remains to get them a good-looking water bottle. There are reusable water bottles that are good-looking and guarantee to keep your kids hydrated even when on the go, and these bottles are designed to be environmentally friendly.

A water bottle for your one-year-old should be easy to carry, spill-proof, and also durable because babies might tend to smash them on the floor while playing. With babies, even feeding time can turn to playtime. No matter how fancy disposable water bottle looks, they are not a good option and here’s why.

Why You Can’t Use Disposable Water Bottles

The fact is disposable water bottles are widely acceptable and convenient, but they are not baby water bottles you should bother investing your money on. Disposable water bottles are considered a waste of resources, including the materials and money spent on making and purchasing disposable water bottles.

Disposable water bottles will not break down completely in over one hundred years, and that is one waste you really should consider avoiding. What’s worse, throwing them away in the trash can feels like you are throwing away a lot of money, so you see why we consider disposable water bottles as a waste of not only money but resources too.

Having a good-looking water bottle is vital if you want to get your little one to drink more water frequently. Once he finds a water bottle he likes, he will keep on using them for many years, and that will be the number one item on the list of things he wants to take to school, to the playground, to the park, and any other place he feels like visiting.

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Because the market is constantly being flooded with so many water bottles for babies, how do you find that bottle with the right look and features to attract your baby and improve his water drinking habits?.

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Tips On Finding A Good Water Bottle For Kids

You should know that when shopping for a water bottle, ensure you check if it is BPA-free. BPA I a controversial chemical that is harmful to the human body, so you shouldn’t settle for a water bottle made using BPA materials. Furthermore, you should be able to check if the water bottle is safe for baby use.

You should check for small parts, and since you are shopping for a one-year-old, you shouldn’t go for a water bottle with small parts. Unfortunately, there are very few bottles that you will find in the one-year-old age group, but that shouldn’t stop you from being cautious when shopping for a water bottle for your little one.

5 Best Water Bottle For 1-Year-Old Reviews

1. CamelBak Eddy Kids BPA Free Water Bottle

best water bottle for 1 year old

Your little one will find this water bottle charming, and thanks to its portable size, it will not take up too much space in a lunch box. Instead, it stays fit in a lunch box, ensuring it won’t spill or ruin your child’s food. Kids will fall in love with this water bottle’s design and colors, and its designs include dragons and unicorns.

It is recommended for kids of all ages; this water bottle comes with a redesigned valve and cap that provides your kids with a preferred flow rate, ensuring that your child does not grow impatient from drinking water to his satisfaction. There are so many interesting features of this cute-looking water bottle, making it widely accepted by nursing mothers.


  • This is a dishwasher-safe water bottle.
  • It is free from BPS and BPA.
  • Its bite valve offers a drip-free water drinking experience.


  • There are complaints about its tubing falling off constantly.
  • Its spout can serve as a house for mold.

2. ZULU Torque Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle

Up next on our review is the ZULU Torque Tritan Plastic water bottle, and this modern-looking water bottle features high-quality silicone material in its construction that makes it durable. One impressive feature of this water bottle is its locking flip lid combined with a soft straw that ensures your baby would not hurt their teeth, lips, and mouth generally when drinking water from this water bottle.

Even though you might be bothered about its plastic material construction, this water bottle is free from PVC and BPA materials. The downside of this water bottle is that it cannot make the water cold when put in the fridge, but its top has enough room to fit ice cubes.


  • Washing this water bottle can be done in a dishwasher.
  • Its straw is big enough to go in and out of your baby’s mouth without getting stuck in between
  • Getting broken is impossible even when it accidentally falls.


  • These water bottles are .costly

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3. Nalgene Kids Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottles

Parents love this water bottle as it comes in various colors for you to select from, and this bottle is large enough to hold up to twelve ounces of water. In addition, its designs are attractive, ensuring that kids get drawn to them easily. Safety is one notable aspect of this water bottle as it is made using plastic materials that do not contain BPA or any other harmful chemical.

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The smooth mouthpiece this water bottle possesses makes drinking water comfortable for your little one, and no matter the hard use your little toddler puts this water bottle through, it is tough enough to stand up to it. This tells you how strong and durable this water bottle is. Finally, it has a spill-proof design that takes away the possibility of spilling water all over the place.


  • This is another water bottle you can wash in a dishwasher.
  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • Its compact size ensures it perfectly fits into your toddler’s hands.


  • Its spout fails to close properly.
  • Parents complained that this water bottle is hard enough to get water out of it in time for your little one.

4. THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Bottle

Protecting your child from everything is impossible, but when it comes to drinking water and protecting your child, trust the Thermos Funtainer water bottle to get it done for you. This water bottle comes with a pop-up straw hidden underneath a cover, and the purpose of hiding its pop straw is to ensure it doesn’t get touched by germ-infested hands.

Pressing its button helps to open up its bottle and straw so your little one can drink comfortably, and made using high-quality steel materials, this water bottle can be used in keeping items cold for about twelve hours.


  • You are guaranteed to keep stuff cold for up to twelve hours.
  • Its carry handle makes this water bottle perfect for little hands.
  • Its lid cover protected the straw from germs.


  • There are lots of different parts that babies can lose.

5. GO Active Flex- Stainless Steel Double Wall Bottle

The last water bottle we would be talking about in this guide is the GO ActiveFlex water bottle which would not break no matter how much rough use your baby puts it through. However, one thing that gets parents worried about this water bottle is that it doesn’t come with a slipcover, causing parents to worry over kids smashing their toes with this same water bottle.

This water bottle isn’t suited for hot drinks, but it does great when used for insulating cold drinks, and there is also a straw for users to drink from. It comes in many bright colors and designs that will always attract your kids to it.


  • You will find this bottle easy to clean.
  • Leakages are using this bottle.
  • It guarantees keeping drinks cold for up to a day.


  • It is a bit pricey

How Can You Tell If A Water Bottle Is Leak-Proof?

If you want to get a good water bottle, you should consider spillages too. By reading the product description, you will tell if a water bottle is leak-proof or not. Likewise, you will be able to recognize a leak-proof technology or function from a water bottle’s product description.

Now that you have gathered one or two pieces of information regarding water bottles from kids, you should feel equipped with the information you have and get ready to meet the top five products we have researched just for you.

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