Best Water Pistol For Cats

You will need to own the best water pistol for cats if you are looking forward to having a good summer time with your pet. It is so much fun when you have a nicely designed water pistol for cats to play with your cats, and trying to take water shots at your cats comes with so much excitement and fun. However, hitting the market to shop for a suitable water pistol for cats isn’t as enjoyable as playing with the toy itself is, and it hurts more when you end up purchasing a poor quality water pistol from the market. Fortunately for our readers and for anyone searching for the best water pistol for cats, that is exactly what this guide is here to help you achieve today.

Cats are known be independent and intelligent animals, and these are the traits that makes them endearing to humans. These traits are also responsible for the willful nature of a cat, and it might look funny, but trying to have a good summer time with your cats ends up being exhausting and tiring when you are not making use of the right or proper instrument. Spraying cats water is a way of telling them you are not pleased with some of their behaviors or disobedience in general, but there are some cats that are very easy to train using water.

Best Water Pistol For Cats

This old method of using water to train cats might be outdated but it still remains the best and most effective among all other methods. If you are keen on shopping for the best water pistol for cats and you need a guide that will make your search easy, we encourage you to continue reading this guide which will make finding the right water pistol easy and convenient for you.

Best Water Pistol For Cats – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best water pistol for cats

There are certain crucial factors that you need to take a look at when you decide to shop for the best water pistol for cats, and we advice that you take all of these features or factors into account as they will prove to be helpful if you want to make a good choice.

Who Is Going To Use It

All water pistols are not recommended for everyone, as there are various water guns for specific age ranges. This is why deciding who will make use of the water pistol is very important. Water blasters are recommended if you need a water pistol for a summer time party and playing with your cats, but you can go for a powerful water pistol if you intend competing with someone.

User-Friendly Design

What everyone wants with any item they buy is finding it easy to use, and the same applies to water pistols. If the water pistol feels a bit heavy and has a complicated design, people will find it very difficult to make use of. The gun size also matters, and this tells you why compact water pistols remains the best option as users will find it comfortable and easy to hold.

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If a product fails in getting your attention with its appearance, you will find it difficult to pay for such product. People hardly pick products they don’t find attractive, but the water pistol shouldn’t have a complicated color variation or design. Having an attractive color and design is enough to make anyone attracted to it.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity depends on what the user wants, because a large tank capacity might extra minutes to get filled compared to a small capacity tank.

Shooting Mechanism

Water guns are designed to be different from one another, which explains why there are water guns that will shoot even from a far distance while others will shoot only when the distance is close. You will have a faster shooting capacity if the tank capacity is large, but you can’t shoot faster with a small tank capacity.

Water Pistol Type

There are different water pistol type on the market like the Nerf, squirt, and pump-action guns, and all of these have different mechanisms and features. Everyone won’t like to own the same type of water pistol, as there are people who would prefer water pistols with speed and high accuracy. Other people might want a water pistol with a simple design they can have fun with and not something too complicated.

Best Water Pistol For Cats Review

1. Totem World 12 Squirt Guns for Kids Pet Cat

Totem World 12 Squirt Guns for Kids Pet Ca

The Totem World Squirt Guns for Kids has an easy to grip design that makes it suitable for small hands to hold, and this gun comes in so many colors so kids can pick their best or favorite colors. This water gun doesn’t require the use of batteries to function, as all it takes if to fill up its tank with water and pull the trigger to shoot. Kids will love this guns a lot and parent will be happy to let their kids have this gun as it is made using non-toxic materials, meaning kids are safe and can play with this gun for hours. This is a multipurpose gun that can be used for parties and for pets.


  • It is easy to hold
  • It comes in beautiful colors
  • It is easy to use


  • No complaints about this water pistol

2. FOSUBOO 2 Packs Water Guns

The FOSUBOO water guns are the next we want to talk about, and this is another multipurpose water gun that can be used for fun by kids and for pets. This is a high-quality water gun that doesn’t contain toxic materials in its construction, and having very bright colors makes it easy for kids to be attracted to this gun. This gun can be used for pool parties where families and friends come together to have some fun, and having a lightweight design makes this gun very easy to hold. You can also count on this water gun to trains your cats and dogs without causing them any form of hurt.


  • It is great for summer fun
  • It won’t hurt pets
  • It has an affordable price


  • It has no cons

3. Jogotoll 2 Pack Water Guns

Up next on this interesting guide is the Jogotoll 2 pack water guns which has the ability to shoot up to 32 feet away, and and parents have to be worried about nothing when their kids play with this water gun as it is made out of completely safe materials. This makes them ideal for kids and every other person, and apart from being used for fun, this water gun can be used for correcting pets with naughty behaviors with hurting them. This is the ideal water gun you can count on to have summer time fun at the pool and beach with family and friends, and it also comes in beautiful colors for kids to select from.

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  • This water gun is powerful and fun
  • It is worth the price
  • Fast delivery service
  • It is durable


  • None

4. 6 Pack Aqua Phaser Assorted Water Pistols

Made in about six attractive colors, kids will be naturally attracted to playing with this water pistol, and having non-slip and easy to grip designs makes this water pistol easy to hold for small sized hands. This water gun brings super fun as it can shoot as far as 25 feet away, and this is one gun with a simple design, as all it requires is to load with water and shoot. It features non-toxic materials that makes it very safe for use, but this gun shouldn’t be used to aim the face or eyes. It is ideal for training pets.


  • It is good for pet training
  • It is very attractive
  • It has a simple to use design


  • There are no negative reviews yet about this product

5. HITOP Water Guns for Kids

If you want a water pistol that will be easy to operate not just by kids alone, then the HITOP water gun fits such description, and this is one water gun that is tested for durability and safety as it is made with ABS materials and other non-toxic materials. It offers a long range shot accuracy of about 27 feet away, and all it requires is to fill up its tank and pump to shoot. Filling up this water gun is easy, and it is easy to fire. This water gun is also used for pet correction and training.


  • It is used in preventing cats from climbing the table
  • It is the perfect summer toy for kids
  • It offers a long distance shooting range


  • It didn’t come delivered in a box

Best Water Pistol For Cats Criticism

A method used in telling cats you are not pleased with their behavior is spraying them water, and cat experts today have revealed that the method is no longer effective in making cats turn from their stubborn ways. These experts claim that cats only learn through rewards and reinforcements but not through punishment. So many cat experts agree with this and they are of the opinion that the vast nature of a cat doesn’t go well with getting punished but getting rewarded for behaviors they have gotten right.


The best water pistol for cats discussed in the guide are easy to use, multipurpose, and have a simple design. Even though there are certain criticisms for using water to correct cats, it still helps in making them aware of certain behaviors you are not okay with that they exhibit. However, if this method isn’t helping with your cat, it will be best for you to speak with an expert for an alternative method.

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