Top Of Stairs Baby Gates No Drill

If you have a baby or toddler in your home, safety should be your top priority. One of the most important safety measures is installing a baby gate at the top of the stairs. However, drilling holes in your walls or bannisters to secure the gate can be a hassle and may not be an option for renters. That’s where top of stairs baby gates that don’t require drilling come in. These gates provide the same level of safety and security as traditional gates but without the need for screws or drilling. In this article, we’ll review the top no-drill baby gates for stairs and help you choose the best one for your family.

Little babies tend to grow by leaps and miles with each passing day, and it will be surprising for so many parents when their little baby moves from being calm to being adventurous. This might indicate your little one is growing fast, and it could also tell you of the potential dangers that loom around if safety precautions are not put in place.

Top Of Stairs Baby Gates No Drill

Installing a baby gate in your home will help in getting rid of whatever worry any parent might have, and having a baby gate installed in your home means allowing your kids the freedom to explore within places that are safe inside your home. This helps babies to grow and develop as they will learn how to play and move freely without their parents smouldering them, and this creates an increased confidence level in babies.

This guide is all about recommendations for top of the stairs baby gates no drill, and if you are searching for a baby gate you can install at the top of the stairs in your home without drilling holes in walls, you have found the right page. There are no arguments when we say installing baby gates in your home brings about a sense of safety, security, and comfort, and it doesn’t matter where you get to install them.

Baby gates still top the charts when it comes to baby-proofing your home. At the same time, we all have to agree that installing a baby gate isn’t as simple as it sounds, and it doesn’t matter if companies claim their baby gates are just a click or hassle-free.

Baby gates are divided into hardware mounted and pressure mounted baby gates. The pressure mounted baby gates have a straightforward and easy installation process, while the hardware mounted baby gates tends to cause a lot of troubles. In addition to that, drilling and punching holes is inevitable when it comes to installing hardware mounted baby gates, and it isn’t something everyone likes to do unless it is necessary.

You are stuck using the pressure mounted baby gate if you are not a fan of drilling holes in walls, and there are opinions suggesting that pressure mounted baby gates are not tough or safe for use at the top of stairs.

A well known fact about baby gates is they make the home safe for little babies, and being able to keep your crawler or toddler away from several places in the house is a huge blessing to many parents.

Top Of Stairs Baby Gates No Drill – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Top Of Stairs Baby Gates No Drill

The pressure mounted baby gate is considered as the most common and effective solution to keeping your little baby’s movement restricted around the house. The pressure mounted baby gate boasts of a simple installation process like we mentioned earlier, and it doesn’t require homeowners to make any changes to their homes or make a critical installation.

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You will find it easy to install pressure mounted baby gate in standard spaces, meaning you can keep your baby safe and live in peace. However, there are so many difficulties that comes with shopping for the top of the stairs baby gate no drill design.

The point behind a baby gates design is to make life easier and not harder for parents. The solution lies in the use of pressure mounted baby gates, and there are so many reasons why a pressure mounted baby gate will be recommended for use in homes with little babies. Pressure mounted baby gates are considered the most convenient and affordable, and its design and build ensures it aligns with any flat surface.

They do not require the use of permanent hardware for setup, and the pressure mounted baby gates makes use of tension knobs and rods to secure this baby gate between any opening you want it to be.

In almost every case, pressure mounted baby gates are very easy to assemble, and it only demands squeezing in between two ways or doorways. Without proper information, you will find it difficult to baby-proof a home correctly, and this can also be dangerous for little babies.

Top Of Stairs Baby Gates No Drill Review

1. Safety 1st Ready to Install Baby Gate

When shopping for a baby gate for use at top of stairs, ensure what you are going for has a sturdy build. This is exactly what this Safety 1st baby gate is all about as it boasts of a sturdy design that makes it resist when it is being pushed by toddler. It also boasts of a one hand opening design, and it can be easily adjusted to fit openings and doorways.

Interesting this gate come fully assembled so you don’t have to go through the stress of putting this gate together, while its no threshold design gets rid of tripping when walking through this gate. With this high-quality baby gate, parents can create a safe space for their baby in their home, and this baby gate meets JPMA safety standards, meaning this gate is safe for kids.


  • This gate is safe
  • It doesn’t require any form of assembly
  • It can be operated using one hand


  • It is not durable

2. Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Baby Gate

The Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Baby Gate is best suited for wide spaces, stairs, and doorways, and being able to fit into extra tall and wide openings with a wide door makes walking through this gate very easy. Installing this game is easy as it comes with all necessary kits for mounting, and just like we mentioned earlier in this guide, this baby gate doesn’t require drilling for installation.

It boasts of an automatic closing feature that closes the door behind you when you walk, while its automatic opening feature ensures the door stays open for added convenience. Installing this baby gate in your house offers peace of mind and safety, and interestingly, it comes with an in-built door stopper which prevents the gates from swinging open.


  • This gate feels super sturdy
  • This is one of the best quality gates by far
  • It works really well


  • It has too many removable parts

3. Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening

Having a customizable width makes it easy for this baby gate to fit openings and doorways, and parents need to be aware of the fact that this gate requires tightening occasionally. It has an indicator that turns red to inform you that it needs to be tightened, and it also boasts of a one-hand release which adults will have no difficulty in using. However, babies will not find it easy to release or open this gate, and installing this baby gate doesn’t require the use of drilling holes into walls. It comes with an automatic closing design that closes the door without any parent’s effort.

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  • Opening this door isn’t complicated
  • It is easy to tell if this gate is properly latched
  • Installation is fast and simple


  • It doesn’t close automatically like advertised

4. Summer Top of Stairs Simple to Secure Metal Gate

Speaking about versatility, the Summer Top Of Stairs baby gate can be used at the top or bottom of stairs, and it comes with a precision fit template that makes installing this baby gate fast and easy. Having a unique and comfortable grip makes opening this gate with one hand easy, and trust this gate to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their baby is safe inside the house. In addition, this baby gate is made out of a sleek material which is used in complementing your home’s interior decoration, and you can use this baby gate for pets too. Trust this baby gate to child-proof your home with style.


  • It comes with a unique door stopper feature
  • Its hook latches fully
  • Its walk through gate opens fully


  • Its instructions are not clear or easy to understand

5. Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

The last baby gate we want to talk about is the Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate which requires adequate measurement of the opening where it will be installed. This baby gate is completely safe thanks to its latex-free design, and it boasts of having a dual locking mechanism that makes it easy to swing open in any direction. It stays wide open if you want it, while cleaning up stains from this gate can be done using mild soap and water.


  • It is easy to open compared to other gates
  • It can stay open in your preferred position


  • Some users were not pleased with its installation process

Possible Reasons Why You Should Avoid Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

As beneficial as pressure mounted baby gates might sound, it has its shortcomings. Like everyone says, a product with so many advantages has its disadvantage. Possible reasons why you should stay away from a pressure mounted baby gate are as follows;

  • Pressure mounted baby gates find it difficult to hand a child’s weight, because it isn’t made with sturdy materials
  • Avoid using a pressure mounted baby gate if you have a large dog as pet in your home. There is a very high possibility the dog might knock down the gate
  • They should not be installed at the top of stairs because they can be knocked down easily, but they can be installed at the bottom of stairs

Final Note

Based on recent statistics, babies get injured every six minutes in the United States, and the injuries sustained are related to stairs. Even though it is true that every home with a toddler or little baby needs a baby gate, you can’t take away the fact that some of these gates are difficult to install. Some might prompt you to drill holes in walls, so the perfect solution remains shopping for baby gate that doesn’t require drilling. Check out the products we have recommended in this guide.

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