When To Start Using Baby Activity Mat

One question that pops up frequently on the internet is when to start using baby activity mat, but parents should understand first that a baby play mat or a baby play gym is a must have for every little child out there. Baby play mats provides babies with a comfortable place where they can learn how to roll over or lay on their tummy, and it is also considered as a little baby’s cool spot, where toys can be easily reached and played with. Helping babies interact with their surround is one of the benefits that comes with getting a baby play mat for your little kings and queens, and parents can also trust baby play mats to help little babies reach milestone developments.

when to start using baby activity mat

Playing with baby mats helps babies to build up muscles that will be needed when they want to crawl and sit-up, and baby play mats of various types are likely to have the same characteristics but different designs and features. Check out these similarities below;

  • They are made with textiles and fabrics that will promote tactile discovery and interactions.
  • They provide babies with a comfortable surface to play like soft fabrics, soft pillows, and soft foam.
  • Baby play mats come with toys that dangle right over your baby’s head, encouraging babies to grasp, reach, and roll over.
  • This toy bay can be collapsed for easy storage, making it easy for the mat to be folded for quick and easy storage and transportation.
  • There are baby play mats that come with inbuilt musical instruments, sounds, lights, mirrors, and other fun activities.

When you notice your baby is comfortable lying on his back, that is the right time for you to introduce your baby to a baby play mat. Babies can start using a baby play mat when they do not require swaddling while laying on their back, but your newborn baby might find it strange to interact with the mat and the toys available. However, looking at toys dangling over their heads will provide some sort of fun and visual excitement for babies. Introducing tummy time is also one of the benefits that comes with introducing your little baby to a baby play mat, and moms are aware that tummy time in babies start from when they are three months old.

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Tummy time sessions should be limited to at least five sessions everyday, and moms should consider starting with three short sessions on a daily. Following this routine will aid you in helping your baby work his way up to an hour of tummy time, and babies are likely to start rolling over on their own when they get to four months of age. A baby play mat is a very essential part of your baby’s growth and development as it helps babies become more comfortable with tummy time, while the various toys present motivates them to roll on their own.

When To Start Using Baby Activity Mat

when to start using baby activity mat

At some point, babies will be motivated to sit up on their own when trying to reach their dangling toys. This is a milestone that most babies reach when they get to aged six months, but the process becomes faster with the help of a baby activity mat. Babies also try to push themselves to rock back and forth and stand on all fours when trying to reach for a dangling toy, and this is one movement that will skyrocket babies into the crawling stage. Babies like this will leave their parents surprised when they get to nine months and are already crawling and moving with speed.

A sign that your baby has outgrown a baby activity center is when he starts crawling, because they will eventually get bored of sitting in just one space and decide to explore their surrounding some more. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of a baby activity center at this point, but you shouldn’t compel babies to sit on it if they desire to move around some more. However, parents need to consider adding some new great toys since toys are help babies develop certain skills.

More parents should be encouraged nowadays to get a baby activity mat for their little baby, and the number of parents who do not believe in getting their newborns a baby activity center is quite alarming. Here are some of the benefits that comes with getting a baby activity center for your little baby.

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Benefits Of A Baby Activity Mat


Activity mats are designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to fold, making them easy to setup at home or even at a friends house where babies can play comfortably.

Safe Space

Providing babies with supportive pillows, soft foams, and a soft texture to play are significant benefits that comes with getting your little baby an activity mat. All of these come together to ensure your little baby fees safe even when you are not there to hold them, and these surfaces encourages babies to learn how to sit up and roll on their own away from hard surfaces.

Sense Of Touch

All of the toys in an activity center are soft, causing babies to want to hold them or touch them. Every newborn has a thing for curiosity, so trying to touch everything they come in contact with is one of their ways of exploring the world around them. An activity mat is an easy way parents can introduce babies to new things, as well as helping babies promote language skills.

Hand To Eye Coordination

Grasping things isn’t as easy as we think for babies, and it will take some time for babies to master hand to eye coordination. This is why activity centers are recommended as they help in boosting hand to eye coordination in little babies, therefore creating something different or special to interact with.


Activity mats are easy ways parents can encourage their babies to get up and explore everything about their surrounding. It does this by keeping babies engaged with sounds, lights, toys, and other interesting and fun things to do. In addition to everything we have said, activity mats also boost parent and child bonding, while promoting muscle development and motor skills are other vital benefits of an activity mats

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